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Ford BK; Kim D; Keay L; White AJR, 2020, 'Glaucoma referrals from primary care and subsequent hospital management in an urban Australian hospital', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 103, pp. 821 - 829,

Tahhan N; Ford BK; Angell B; Liew G; Nazarian J; Maberly G; Mitchell P; White AJR; Keay L, 2020, 'Evaluating the cost and wait-Times of a task-sharing model of care for diabetic eye care: A case study from Australia', BMJ Open, vol. 10, pp. e036842,

Ford B; Keay L; Angell B; Hyams S; Mitchell P; Liew G; White A, 2020, 'Quality and targeting of new referrals for ocular complications of diabetes from primary care to a public hospital ophthalmology service in Western Sydney, Australia', Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol. 26, pp. 293 - 299,

Lu TC; Semsarian CR; White A; Dunn H; Angell B; Ford B; Keay L, 2020, 'Journey to glaucoma care – trusting but uncertain and uninformed: a qualitative study', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 103, pp. 484 - 489,

Ho KC; Tran J; Hoang D; Kaushik S; Ford B; Palagyi A; Do VQ; Stapleton F; White A; Keay L, 2020, 'Standardising the cataract referral process for public hospitals: perspectives of optometrists in New South Wales, Australia', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 103, pp. 201 - 206,

Kim D; Ford B; Keay L; White A, 2019, 'Glaucoma referrals to a tertiary care glaucoma service in Australia', Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, vol. 47, pp. 1092 - 1093,

Ford BK; Angell B; Liew G; White AJR; Keay LJ, 2019, 'Improving Patient Access and Reducing Costs for Glaucoma with Integrated Hospital and Community Care: A Case Study from Australia', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED CARE, vol. 19,

Ford BK; Kong M; Ward JS; Hocking JS; Fairley CK; Donovan B; Lorch R; Spark S; Law M; Kaldor J; Guy R, 2019, 'Incomplete recording of Indigenous identification status under-estimates the prevalence of Indigenous population attending Australian general practices: A cross sectional study', BMC Health Services Research, vol. 19, pp. 567,

Lorch R; Guy R; Temple-Smith M; Vaisey A; Wood A; Ford B; Murray C; Bourne C; Tomnay J; Hocking J, 2016, 'The impact of a chlamydia education program on practice nurse's knowledge and attitudes in relation to chlamydia testing: A cross-sectional survey', Sexual Health, vol. 13, pp. 73 - 80,

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