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De Visser M; Perham E, 2022, 'Variables shaping participatory constitution-making: Insights from the experiences of small states', ICON-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW,

Angelo T; Perham E; Lau Y-S, 2021, 'Niue in New Zealand Legislation', Victoria University of Wellington Law Review, 52, pp. 245 - 284,

Angelo T; Perham E, 2016, 'Let Te Reo Speak: Granting Legal Personality to Te Reo Māori', Victoria University of Wellington Law Review, 46, pp. 1081 - 1110,

Perham E, 2011, 'Citizenship Laws in the Realm of New Zealand', New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, 9, pp. 219 - 240

Perham E; Angelo T, 2010, 'The report of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee on New Zealand's relationships with South Pacific countries', New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, 8, pp. 181 - 194


Perham E, 2022, Book Review of Tony Angelo and Jennifer Corrin eds., Legal Systems of the Pacific: Introducing Sixteen Gems, Association de Législation Comparée des Pays du Pacifique, New Zealand Association for Comparative Law, ,

Horowitz DL; Perham E, 2022, Designing Constitutions for a Lasting Democracy, American Judicature Society, ,

Perham E, 2021, Book Review of Ruth Rubio-Marín and Helen Irving eds., Women as Constitution-Makers: Case Studies from the New Democratic Era, Oxford University Press, ,

Perham E, 2020, Book Review of Gunter Frankenburg, Comparative constitutional studies: Between magic and deceit, Sweet and Maxwell,

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