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Griffith SJ;Carruthers K;Bliemel M, 2018, 'The value of using visual tools to enable students, clients and end users', in griffith S;carruthers K;bliemel M (ed.), Visual tools for developing student capacity for cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, Common Ground Research Networks, Champaign, IL

Prescott SW;Spicer PT, 2018, 'Self-directed experimentation and reverse engineering consumer products as a route to learning about complex fluids', in Griffith S;Bliemel M;Carruthers K (ed.), Visual tools for developing cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, edn. Transformative Pedagogies in the Visual Domain, Common Ground Research Networks, Champaign, IL

Griffith SJ, 2015, 'Leveraging Design Tools and Methods to develop student competency for cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation.', in Moving from Novice to Expert on the road to expertise: Developing expertise in the visual domain., Common Ground

Griffith SJ, 2012, 'TBC', in Jakovich J;Schweitzer J;Edwards M (ed.), Crowd-Share Innovation: Intensive Creative Collaborations, edn. 1, Project Freerange, USA,

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