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Fletcher TD; Deletic A, 2007, Statistical evaluation and optimisation of stormwater quality monitoring programmes, 12,

Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, Data requirements for integrated urban water management: Urban water series - UNESCO-IHP,

Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, Preface

Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, Preface

Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, Preface

Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, Preface

Deletic A; Fletcher T, 2007, Preface, 4

Book Chapters

Deletić A; Fletcher TD, 2007, 'Overview of guiding principles', in Data requirements for integrated urban water management: Urban water series - UNESCO-IHP, pp. 21 - 27

Deletić A; Fletcher TD, 2007, 'Selecting variables to monitor', in Data requirements for integrated urban water management: Urban water series - UNESCO-IHP, pp. 37 - 44

Shuster W; Fletcher TD; Deletić A, 2007, 'Stormwater', in Data requirements for integrated urban water management: Urban water series - UNESCO-IHP, pp. 225 - 241

Journal articles

Hu Z; Hu S; Hong PY; Zhang X; Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Ye L; Deletic A; Yuan Z; Zheng M, 2023, 'Impact of electrochemically generated iron on the performance of an anaerobic wastewater treatment process', Science of the Total Environment, 875, pp. 162628,

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Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Zheng M; Hu S; Hong PY; Yuan Z; Deletic A, 2023, 'Nitrification potential of daily-watered biofiltration designs for high ammonium wastewater treatment', Science of the Total Environment, 863, pp. 160989,

Hu Z; Zheng M; Hu S; Hong PY; Zhang X; Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Pikaar I; Ye L; Deletic A; Yuan Z, 2022, 'Electrochemical iron production to enhance anaerobic membrane treatment of wastewater', Water Research, 225, pp. 119202,

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Abd-ur-Rehman HM; Deletic A; Zhang K; Prodanovic V, 2022, 'The comparative performance of lightweight green wall media for the removal of xenobiotic organic compounds from domestic greywater', Water Research, 221, pp. 118774,

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