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Grulich AE, 2014, 'The epidemiology of non-AIDS-defining malignancies', in Cancers in People with HIV and AIDS: Progress and Challenges, pp. 31 - 41,

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Grulich AE; Serraino D; Whitby D, 2010, 'The epidemiology of cancer in people with HIV', in Molecular Basis for Therapy of AIDS-Defining Cancers, pp. 1 - 16,

Anderson JS; McAllister J; Willis J; Keen P; McCoy R; Grulich AE; Bourne CP, 2008, 'Exposure and acute HIV infection', in HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs - a guide for primary care, edn. 3rd edition, ASHM Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, Darlinghurst, pp. 46 - 53

Smith A; Rissel C; Richters J; Grulich AE; de Visser R, 2005, 'Sex in Australia: The findings of the Australian Study of health and relationships', in Temple Smith M; Gifford S (ed.), Sexual health: An Australian perspective, edn. Original, IP Communications, Melbourne, pp. 36 - 49

Grulich AE, 1998, 'Analytic studies: cohort and case-control studies', in Handbook of Public Health Methods, edn. Original, McGrath Hill, Sydney, pp. 107 - 116

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