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Fulker D; Sayed Z; Simmons A; Barber TJ, (ed.), 2015, 'Haemodynamic Comparison of Metal Needles and Plastic Cannulae in Haemodialysis', Vol. 38, presented at European Society of Artificial Organs, Leuven, Belgium, 02 September 2015 - 05 September 2015

Rigney SM; Simmons A; Kark L, 2014, 'Mechanical Efficiency of a Running-Specific Energy Storage and Return Prosthesis', presented at 9th Australasian Biomechanics Conference, 30 November 2014 - 02 December 2014

Fulker D; Tan ZM; Simmons A; Barber T, (ed.), 2014, 'Particle Image Velocimetry of the Venous Needle Jet in Haemodialysis', presented at American Society of Artificial Internal Organs, Washington DC, 18 June 2014 - 21 June 2014,

Fulker D; Xie X; Barber TJ; Simmons A, (eds.), 2013, 'Analysis of Flow Rate on Haemodialysis Venous Needle Turbulence Using Flow Visualisation Techniques', presented at Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference, ABEC 2013, Sydney, 13 October 2013 - 16 October 2013

Barber TJ; Simmons A; Fulker D; Rahmanzadeh Kabir K, 2013, 'Minimizing the Flow Induced Damage from a Dialysis Venous Needle', presented at RSA2013, Hobart, 05 June 2013 - 08 June 2013

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