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Grulich A; Bavinton B; Stoove M; Wright E; Treloar C; Cogle A; O'Donnell D; Doyle M; Firzgerald L; Goodbun R; Holas N; Holt M; Keen P; Kelleher A; Lewin S; Lobo R; McGregor S; McMahon J; Monaghan R; Moss P; Ong J; Parkhill N; Paynter H; Power J; Russell D; Ruth S; Gray R, 2021, Agenda 2025 Ending HIV Transmission in Australia: Technical paper on science, trends and targets June 2021, Sydney,

Tu E; Swenson LC; Land S; Pett S; Emery S; Marks K; Kelleher AD; Kaye S; Kaiser R; Schuelter E; Harrigan R, 2013, Reply to "issues on results of the external quality assessment for proviral DNA testing of HIV-1 tropism in the maraviroc switch collaborative study",

van Bockel D; Kelleher A, 2005, Immune Response to HIV

Cunningham P; Kelleher AD, 2001, Monitoring resistance to antiretroviral treatments for HIV infection, 17

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