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Theses / Dissertations

Chow E; Gooding JJ; Hibbert DB, 2006, Peptide modified electrochemcial sensors for the detection of heavymetal ions

Zhao M, 2004, A fill and flow channel enzyme biosensor.

Mankelow RK; Gooding JJ; Hibbert DB, 2004, Creating mesophorous materials by liquid crystal templating of readily available materials.

Rahmat W; Gooding JJ; Hibbert DB, 2004, Novel approaches for enzyme immobilisation using latex polymers or carbon nanotubes; application to enzyme biosensors.

Al-Deen TS; Hibbert DB, 2002, Validation of quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (QNMR) spectroscopy as a primary ratio analytical method for assessing the purity of organic compounds: a metrological approach.

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