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Newman C, 2022, Something that may shock and discredit you: interview with Daniel M Lavery

Newman C, 2021, Being Bisexual,

Newman C, 2021, What is the point of awareness days?,

Newman C; Kemp K, 2020, Trust in digital health and health researchers,

Newman C; Kemp K, 2020, Trust, sexuality and gender diversity,

Newman C, 2020, Relationships – Emotional Proximity in Times of Social Distancing,

Newman C; Kumar S; Irving S, 2020, Queer and religious freedoms can co-exist,

Hamilton M; Newman C, 2020, The heartbreaking prospect of asking grandparents to stay away,

Newman C; Prankumar S, 2020, In conversation with Sujith Kumar on the importance of safe and brave spaces for LGBTIQ+ young people and allies,

Newman C; Prankumar S, 2019, In conversation with Sujith Kumar on the 2020 Mardi Gras theme - 'What Matters',

Rasmussen ML; Aggleton P; Southerton C; Marshall D; Cover R; Newman C, 2018, "It was just nice to see they existed”. The importance of having LGBTQ teachers who are ‘out’ at school.,

Newman C, 2018, On family and sexuality,

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