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Professor Elizabeth Chang is Professor of Logistics and Canberra Fellow at UNSW at Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

Professor Chang leads the Defence Logistics research group at UNSW Canberra, targeting the key issues in Logistics ICT, Defence Logistics and Sustainment, Big Data Management, Predictive Analytics, IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems, Trust, Security, Risk and Privacy. In a 2012 article, published in MIS Quarterly vol. 36 iss....view more

Professor Elizabeth Chang is Professor of Logistics and Canberra Fellow at UNSW at Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

Professor Chang leads the Defence Logistics research group at UNSW Canberra, targeting the key issues in Logistics ICT, Defence Logistics and Sustainment, Big Data Management, Predictive Analytics, IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems, Trust, Security, Risk and Privacy. In a 2012 article, published in MIS Quarterly vol. 36 iss. 4, Professor Chang was listed fifth in the world for research in Business Intelligence.

She has delivered over 50 Keynote/Plenary speeches largely at major IEEE Conferences and most recently in the areas of Semantics, Business Intelligence, Big Data Management, Data Quality and the like. Her academic achievement includes 24 Competitive Research Grants, including 12 Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants worth over $15 million. She has supervised/co-supervised 42 PhD theses to completion, 21 Master theses and 16 Post-docs. She has published 7 authored books, over 500 international journal papers and conference papers with an H-Index of 47 (Google Scholar) and over 12,000 citations.

In combining IT and Logistics, she empowers the research work and professional training in Logistics and Transportation in a way that would not otherwise be possible. She is excellent in working with public and private sector professionals, academics and students from many fields. She is motivated by the idea of “creating value by making connections” and is looking forward to working with you locally and internationally to help build one of the best research groups in the world in the area of Logistics and Transportation and especially for Defence, public and private sectors. Please contact her via email at or

In the last 4 years, she led the team awarded multiple Defence Related Research Contracts and 2 ARC Linkage grant, totalling over $2 million dollars. Her foundational education (BSc, MSc and PhD) in Computer Science and Software Engineering has given her a unique strength in applied and multidisciplinary of science, business and engineering research.

She is an IEEE Fellow and has been Chair/Co-Chair for IEEE IES Technical Committee on Industrial Informatics since 2010 where she provides leadership in this area in the world by attracting top talents and researchers globally to help define the future research directions. She is also an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (since 2007) and Guest Editor on IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (since 2005), Co-editor in Chief for International Journal on Engineering Intelligent Systems. She is a member of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, honorary member of the Australian Logistics and Supply Chain Society. She was honoured to be General Chair and Technical Chair for over 20 International and IEEE Conferences.

Her previous academic achievement includes her first PhD Student, Professor Wenny Rahayu, who received the Best Thesis Award from the Australian Association of Computer Science. 4 PhD theses have received the Chancellor’s Best Thesis Award and 4 PhD graduates’ were awarded ARC Post-docs. She  was Director for several research centres including the University Tier 1 Institute of Excellence on Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence (hear words from former VC Prof Lance Twomey, in 2010); Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Extended Enterprises and Business Intelligence,  Logistics Informatics Research Centre, at Curtin University and the University of Newcastle.

Her previous industry experience includes as CIO/CTO for a multi-national Transport Logistics Corporation in Hong Kong and the last 10 years of successful collaborative research with Western Australia (WA) Department of Planning and Infrastructure, WA Department of Transport (words from former Director General Prof Greg Martin in 2010), Main Roads WA, Fleetwood Corp (words from CTO Steve Wallis, in 2010), Specialized Container Transports, Port Authorities; Blu-Logistics (see collaboration with CEO Tim Jensen) and many Road Transport and Logistics Association and Societies, allowed her to acquire a thorough understanding of many issues facing the Transportation and Logistics industry nationally and globally, and these have provided deep insights and essential foundations for academic research and development and extension to Defence through ‘research and teaching informed by industry experience’.


Professor Chang Recent Keynotes and Plenary Speeches (2015-2018)


  1. Elizabeth Chang etal, (2018) “Blockchain for Supply Chain and other Industrial Applications” INVITED KEYNOTE, 18-19 Sept 2018, Australian Supply Chian Conference, Sydney 2018
  2. Elizabeth Chang (2018) “From Granulation to Stratification” INVITED KEYNOTE, 29-21 May 2018, 7th World Conference on Soft Computing, Baku, Azerbaijan
  3. Elizabeth Chang (2018) Stratification, Target and Incremental Enlargement Principles” INVITED PLENARY SPEECH, 5-6 Feb 2018, The Symposium of Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets, UC Berkeley, California
  4. Elizabeth Chang, Ashley Jensen (2017) “25 Years of e-Business Engineering, where we are going”, INVITED KEYNOTE,14th IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering, ICEBE 2017, 4-6 Nov 2017, Shanghai, China
  5. Elizabeth Chang, Ashley Jensen (2017) “Predictive Analytics for Warehousing and Logistics Operations, Invited Plenary Speech, Smart Warehouse Summit 2017, 24-25 Oct 2017, Sydney, Australia
  6. Elizabeth Chang (2017) “A Data Governance and Data Stewardship Framework for Distributed Management of Data Abuse”, INVITED KEYNOTE, APDM – IJCAI 2017; Abuse Prevention Data Mining Workshop at Int Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Aug 2017, Melbourne, Australia
  7. Elizabeth Chang, Achim Karduck (201 “Revolutionise Decision Making through Big data and Artificial Intelligence”, INVITED PLENARY, Global Big data Defence 2017 Summit, 26-28 June 2017, Sofitel Berlin Kurfurstendamm, Germany
  8. Elizabeth Chang, Steve Cannon (2017) “Open Sources and Artificial Intelligence, fit for Purpose”, INVITED KEYNOTE, NATO World Codification Forum, 24-25 May 2017, Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia
  9. Steve Cannon, Elizabeth Chang (2017) “Cognitive Decision Support for Defence Logistics and Sustainment”, INVITED PLENARY, Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Conference SMART 2017 29-30 March 2017, International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia
  10. Elizabeth Chang, Florian Gottwalt, Yu Zhang (2017) “Trust and Security in IoT and 5G”, INVITED KEYNOTE, Symposium on Wireless Communication Networks and IoT at International Conference on Nextgenation of Electronic Technology: Silicon to Software, (ICNETS2), March 23-25, 2017, Chennai, India
  11. Elizabeth Chang etal (2017) “The Defence Logistics Situation Awareness Tool Powered by Geospatial and Business Intelligence” INVITED PLENARY, Defence Geospatial Intelligence, 23-25 Jan 2017, QEII, London
  12. Elizabeth Chang (2016), “Semantics Data Integration through the use of Fuzzy Approximate Reasoning and Defuzzification, International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods” INVITED KEYNOTE, ICFMsquare 2016, Sept, Switzerland.
  13. Elizabeth Chang, etal (2016) “Intelligent Situational Awareness powered by the Internet of Things and Human-Centred Recommender Systems” INVITED KEYNOTE, International Conference on Wireless & Telecommunication and Business Expo, Dubai, UAE April 21-22, 2016
  14. Tharam Dillon., Elizabeth Chang., (2016), “Trust and Risk Semantics and Prediction through Big Data Analytics - To Encompass Cloud Service, Cyber-Physical Systems and Social Media, Issues and Challenges” INVITED KEYNOTE, The 15th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (IEEE TRUSTCOM-16), TIANJIN, CHINA, 23-26 AUGUST, 2016
  15. Elizabeth Chang etal (2016) An Elastic, On-Demand, Data Supply Chain for Human Centred Information Dominance, INVITED KEYNOTE, IIP2016, 18-21 November 2016, Melbourne, Australia.
  16. Elizabeth Chang, etal (20 “50 years of Business Intelligence and its Impact on ICT Governance and Organization Performance”, INVITED PLENARY, Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference (BIAC2016), Melbourne, Australia.
  1. Elizabeth Chang, Matt Machizaud: “Smart Ship - Advances in Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems and its Application”, INVITED KEYNOTE, International Conference and Business Expo on Wireless Communication & Network September 21-23, 2015 Baltimore, USA.
  2. Elizabeth Chang, J. Wenny Rahayu, M. Diallo, M. Machizaud “Dynamic Data Mart for Enterprise Heterogeneous, Big Data and System Integration through utilizing Data Marshalling, Data Meshing Data Mining and Automated Data Intelligence, INVITED KEYNOTE, IFIP World Computer Congress (WCC 2015), 3-7 Oct 2015, Daejeon, Korea.
  3. Elizabeth Chang: “50 years of evolution Smart Cities and empowerment of intelligent logistics ecosystems on social, economic and environmental development”, INVITED KEYNOTE, 11th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology, Nov 1-3 2015, Dubai, UAE.
  4. Tharam Dillon, Elizabeth Chang “Big Data, Deep Knowledge and Significant Impact”, INVITED KEYNOTE, IEEE International Symposium on Advanced Computing and Communication (IEEE ISACC 2015), 14–15 September 2015, Silchar, India
  5. Elizabeth Chang, James Hinton, Steve Cannon “50 years of Business Intelligence and its empowerment in Defence Logistics” INVITED PLENARY, Defence Logistics 2015, 1-3 Dec 2015, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA, USA


 Recent Patent Award

Blockchain Enabled Compliance and Risk Management Method and Tool, Patent Number: 2018903509, ref 101818AUV00, The Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Defence and NewSouth Innovations PL., with inventors Stuart Green and Amit Ghildyal




Professor Chang's Competitive Research Contract and ARC Grant Awards


Grant #

Project Details



Industry Partners


Defence Research Contract, ASDEFCON, v2.2, SP020, O#4501045580

Title: “Compliance and Assurance Risk Management”



Department of Defence


ARC LP160100080 and Title: “Economically Efficient Green Logistics through Cyber-Physical Systems”



($270,198 from ARC, and $90,000 from Industry)

Blu Logistics PL, Queensland


Contract# MO/RD/00418/2015

Faceplate-The Logistics Intelligence Framework



Department of Defence


ARC LP150101058,

Intelligent CRM through Conjoint Data Mining of Heterogeneous Information




($219,000 from ARC, and $150,000 from Industry)

  • FastTrack
  • Object Management Group (OMG)



Contract# MO/RD/00418/2015

Faceplate-The Logistics Intelligence Framework



Department of Defence


RC46909 “Intelligent cloud-based application to Milk Logistics” Department of Industry and Science



JR Bulk Logistics, Brisbane


Army Grants, Defence-related Research Funding Scheme $20K

Ships as Warehouses in MILIS (SWIM), Rector’s Fellowship funds etc



Army Research Scheme, and Defence-related Research Funding Scheme


A Conjoint Data Mining Approach for Minimizing Emissions  and multi-criteria Quality of Service standard

2 PhD Scholarship Funds



BluLogistics, QL and UNSW


Research Infrastructure funds - Logistics Insight lab



UNSW and Department of Defence


ARC LP110200118, Intelligent CRM and risk management in Multi-Information Sources for Transportation

2012 – 2015

Late Start

$617,000, ($342,000 from ARC and $275,000 from Industry)

  • Department of Transport
  • Object Management Group (OMG)



Domain Driven Information Quality for Road Transport System

2011 – 2014

Late Start

$240,000 from Dept of Transport

Department of Transport



ARC LP100200693, Intelligent real-time remote controller for conserving energy in regional areas and resource industry

2010 - 2013

$450,000, ($300,000 from ARC and $150,000 from Industry)

Fleetwood Corporation Limited Inc.



ARC LP0990610, Congestion management in key road networks through real-time data mining, intelligent forecasting

2009 – 2012

$404,000, ($314,193 from ARC and $90,000 from Industry)

  • Main Roads Western Australia
  • WA Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC)



Data Quality and Data Cleansing



  • Department of Infrastructure and Planning

ARC LP0669242, An intelligent essay marking tool for the education sector



Delayed  start

$740,000, ($530,000 from ARC and $210,000 from Industry)

  • Department of Education and Training
  • Macquarie Library Pty Ltd

Information Security, Wireless Sensor Networks for Oil and Gas Industries



  • StatOil Hydro, Norway
  • SINTEF, Norway

ARC DP0556443, "An XML - Enabled Association Rule Framework".



Tsinghua University, China



ARC LP0560346, Trusted environment for Virtual Collaboration



Specialized Container Transport, Australia


ARC LP0454029, Ontology-based multi-site distributed software development



University of Lancaster, UK

CE Solutions, NSW

Hunter IS, NSW; CastleSoft, NSW; Computer Associates WA


ARC LP0349100, Palladium based security and privacy


$182,198 ($152,000 from ARC and $30,000 from industry partner)

Communication and Electronic Solutions, NSW




ARC LP0219627, Virtual Collaborative Logistics



Delayed start


($250,000 from ARC and $200,000 from Industry)

Seapower Resource International Australia

Hong Kong.



PATREC Logistics Scholarships



PATREC (Planning and Transport Research Centre)


CRC Flagship project

Tourism development in remote region



CRC Tourism


Tier 1 Research Institute of Excellence funds for 5 years


$1.15 Million

Centre of Excellence


Tier 1 Research Institute of Excellence Business School internal matching funds for 5 years



Centre of Excellence


Centre of Excellence grant on Extended Enterprise and Business Intelligence



Centre of Excellence





Kersley Group Ltd





iPower Logistics International


ARC SPIRT, Hybrid Design of Human System Interaction



User Interface Metrics, NSW



Professor Chang's Call for UNSW Scientia Ph.D. Scholarships in the following areas:


Research Title 1: Cognitive Decision Support System for Human-Data Interaction

Research Description:

The research focuses on artificial intelligence and semantic technology to support operation decision making strategically and tactically aimed at reducing mundane and repetitive tasks those humans must perform including low-level data correlation and aggregation and removing mental load from the big-data analytics. The research will focus on cognitive mining, cognitive discovery, cognitive engagement, cognitive visualisation with predictive analytics and the proposed solution is capable of interoperation between existing cooperate application or backend office and can provide the right data at the right time to the right operators to meet their decision needs. This project is funded by Army Research Scheme.

Supervisor Contact Detail: Professor Elizabeth Chang and Dr. Tasneem Memon or 


Research Title 2: Semantics Data Integration through the use of Fuzzy Approximate Reasoning

Research Description:

Corporations today are facing challenges with their heterogeneous systems. Typical medium-large corporations have around 50-2000+ and up to 20,000 systems. The study shows that data integration will improve operation productivity at about 40%. The key challenge is that the data are distributed across different networks and data centers, and was designed with different processes, rules, architecture and some are vendor-managed (outsourced). Furthermore, more and more legacy systems are no longer supported. This research is to focus on the methodology development through the use of semantic integration of dynamic fuzzy dimensions through ontologies, defuzzification, stratification and linguistics summary. This project is in collaboration with UC Berkeley and part of ARC project proposal

Supervisor Contact Detail: Professor Elizabeth Chang, Dr. Omar Hussain and Dr. Morteza Saberi or  or



Research Title 3: Intelligent Situation Awareness Powered by Geospatial Intelligence and BI

Research Description:

The project is to address key challenges facing to Defence Logistics particularly in the real-time dynamic situation environment which requires timely data fusion, data visualisation and predictive analytics and translation of big data into insight for rapid troubleshooting and decision making, including anomaly detection, coalition integrated logistics, platform sustainment and reliability, financial decisions and accountability, and gives ‘a sign at-one-glance’ through geospatial intelligence and business intelligence in the contact of time, place, space, distance, connectivity and agent profiling, as well as crowd sourcing models. The research is at the intersection between social science, data science and spatial intelligence. This project is funded by Australian Defence.

Supervisor Contact Detail: Professor Elizabeth Chang, Professor Stuart Pearson and Dr. Daniel Prior or  or


Research title 4: Risk Prediction and Measurement in Supply Chain

Research description: To harness the unique power of chain management (SCM), organisations should tackle various associated risks such as disruptions, delays. This project focuses on operational risks which represent the uncertainty arising of the non-commitment of day-to-day operations. Shortage of data in forecasting possible operational failures is the main challenge here which can be addressed by harnessing the power of personal relationship based information. However, measuring the credibility of such information is vital as low credibility can be misleading. Thus the aim of this work is to measurement credibility of Personal Relationship-based Information in SCM by using data analytic techniques.

Supervisor Contact Detail: Dr. Omar Hussain, Dr. Morteza Saberi, Prof Elizabeth Chang or


Research Title 5: Smart ship powered by Computational Intelligence

Research Description:

In the Shipping and Navy environment, the operations and maintenance are dynamic in nature, such as inconsistent connection between shore and off-shore for information exchange, poor ship stability in the sea, lack of robust system to assist asset management with onboard ship, etc, and because values of variables are not known with precision and certainty, and existing work on causality are not applicable to the dynamic problems. This research is to use Z-number and Z-restriction, as well as targeting multicausality and division, to generate a computer simulation model for rules formulation, confidence, validity and reliability and concept proofing. This project is supported by Directorate of Logistics- Navy.

Supervisor Contact Detail: Professor Elizabeth Chang and Dr Omar Hussain or 


Research Title 6: Microservice for Microgrid for economic use of energy

Research Description:

Renewable energy production and distribution represent major growing sectors in the Australian economy. However, with the slowing down of the mining sector, reducing environmental impact, a decline of fossil fuel reserves, energy is becoming more and more expensive. In this research, we aim to develop a microservice for microgrid platform to provide energy usage optimisation and cost as well as trading through community-based microgrid incorporating solar cell energy and storage. The solution incorporates research including microservice architecture, smart-grid, cyber-physical systems and innovation of low-cost solar cell energy and storage. This project is part of ARC linkage proposal.

Supervisor Contact Detail: Prof E. Chang, Prof h.pota and Prof  H. Hattori or  or



Professor Chang Current PhD and Masters Students under supervision 

1)       Ms Jenny Shih-Suan Huang (PhD Student)

2)       Mr Florian Gottwalt (PhD Student)

3       Mr Amit Ghildyal (PhD Student)

4)       Mr Mohammad Abolbashari (PhD Student)

5)       Mr Michael Yu Zhang (PhD Student)

6)       Ms Atefe Zakeri (PhD Student)

7)       Ms Monireh Mirtalaie (PhD Student)

8)       Mr Falak Nawaz (PhD Student)

9)       Mr Mehdi Asadabadi (PhD Student)

10)     FLGOFF James Hinton (MPhil/PhD Student)

11)     CAP Keirin Joyce (PEMS, PhD Co-supervision)

12)     MAJ Andy Kemp (Master minor thesis for SEIT)

13)     MAJ Sandeep Jadhav (Master minor thesis for SEIT)

14)     FLGOFF Lisa Snell (Master minor thesis, partial supervision)



Professor Chang supervised/co-supervised 42 PhDs and 21 Master Thesis to completion


1)             Dr Morteza Saberi, Thesis passed in July 2016, Post-doc UNSW 

2)             Dr. Leanne Rees, thesis passed (supporting role) in June 2016, DSTO Scientist, Adelaide

3)             Dr. Jon Davis, thesis passed in Dec 2015, (Director, Hunter Information Systems, Newcastle, NSW)

4)             Dr. Jamshaid Ashraf, thesis passed in Sept 2013 (Data Scientist, WA Department of Transport)

5)             Dr. Sazia Parvin, thesis passed in  Sept 2013 (Associate Lecturer, Curtin University)

6)             Dr. Azam Esfijani, thesis passed in Sept 2013 (Casual Lecturer, Australia Open University)

7)             Dr. Eddie Pereira,  thesis passed in August 2013, (Consultant Engineer, GasTech, Melbourne)

8)             Dr. Adil Hammadi, thesis passed August 2013 (Lecturer, Central TAFF, WA)

9)             Dr. M Abduliah; thesis passed in August 2013 (Casual Tutor, CBS)

10)          Dr. Mohammad Naser M Hamdan; thesis passed in August 2013

11)          Dr. Alireza Faed, thesis passed in Dec 2012 (Associate Lecturer Curtin)

12)          Dr. Sean Lam,  thesis passed in Nov 2012 (Researcher, Department of Education, Singapore)

13)          Dr. Ahmad Aladwan,  thesis c passed in Sept 2012 (Irbid National University, Jordan)

14)          Dr. Leo Pudhota, thesis passed in July 2012. (Project Manager,  Main Road WA)

15)          Dr. Padrem  Radmond,  thesis passed in June 2012 (Software Engineer, Western Power)  

16)          Dr. Fahed Mustafa, thesis passed in May 2012 (SAP NetWeaver Team Leader,  KPMG, Melbourne)

17)          Dr. Mohammed Alhamad, thesis passed in April 2012  (Lecturer, Al Bayat University, Jordan)

18)          Dr. Olivia Fachrunnisa, PhD awarded Nov 2011 (Lecturer, Unissula, Indonesia)

19)          Dr. Robert Williams, PhD awarded August 2011 (Senior Lecturer, Curtin)

20)          Dr. Behrang Zadjabbari, PhD awarded Mar 2011 (Senior consultant, InfoCentric, Melbourne)

21)          Dr. Hai Dong, PhD awarded Sept 2010 (Post-doc Fellow, Curtin)

22)          Dr. Helen Patricia Giggins, PhD awarded (Newcastle Uni) August 2010 (Lecturer, The University of Newcastle)

23)          Dr. David McMeekin, PhD awarded June 2010 (Research Fellow, CRC GIS, Perth)

24)          Dr. David Cooper,  PhD awarded  August 2010 (Executive Director, Department of Education WA)

25)          Dr. Michael Hecker, PhD awarded in 2010 (Lecturer, School of EECS, Curtin)

26)          Dr. Fedja Hadzic, “Data Mining through Self-organizing Map”,  PhD awarded 2010 (Chancellor’s best thesis award) 

27)          Dr. Nguyen Thao, PhD awarded Jan 2009 (Newton Fellowship Award Royal Society) ( London Uni, UK)

28)          Dr. Omar Hussain, PhD awarded in 2009 (Chancellor’s best thesis award) (Lecturer, SIS, Curtin University)

29)          Dr. Amandeep Sidhu, PhD awarded 2008 (Chancellor’s best thesis award) (Lecturer, Biomedical Sci,Sarawak Malaysia)

30)          Dr. Chen Wu, PhD awarded 2008 (Associate Professor, SKA group, UWA)

31)          Dr. Chan Cheah, PhD awarded 2007 (Lecturer, RMIT Melbourne)

32)          Dr. Geoff Skinner, PhD awarded 2007 (Senior Lecturer, The University of Newcastle)

33)          Dr. Farookh Hussain, PhD awarded 2007 (Chancellor’s best thesis award) (Lecturer, UTS)

34)          Dr. Vidy Potdar, PhD awarded 2006 (Early Career Researcher of the year Award) (Senior Lecturer, Curtin)

35)          Ds. Ponpit Wongthamtham, PhD awarded, 2006 (Post-doc Fellow, Curtin)

36)          Dr. Maja Hadzic, PhD awarded in July 2006 (Research Coordinator, The Bethanie Group Inc., Perth)

37)          Dr. William Gardner, PhD awarded in 2006 (Senior Project Manager, SMARTS Group Int. Pty Ltd, Sydney)

38)          Dr. R. Rajugan, PhD awarded in May 2006 (Engineer, CSIRO, Sydney)

39)          Dr Carlo Wouters, PhD awarded (La Trobe)in 2005 (Consultant, LoQutus, Antwerp Area, Belgium)

40)          Dr Torab Torabi, PhD, awarded (La Trobe) in 2004 (Senior Lecturer, La Trobe Uni)

41)          Dr. Alex Talevski, PhD awarded (La Trobe) in 2004  (CTO, AMCO, Melbourne)

42)          Dr. Wenny Rahayu, PhD awarded (La Trobe) in 2001 (Best Thesis Award ACS) (Professor & HoS CSIT, La Trobe)

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