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Wang H, 2010, 服务原产地规则研究 (The Rules on the Origin of Service), Law Press, China, Beijing

Book Chapters

Wang H; Wang L, 2020, 'China's Bilateral Investment Treaties', in Chaisse J; Choukroune L; Jusoh S (ed.), Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy, Springer,

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Wang H, 2009, 'Enhancing business participation in trade policy-making: Lessons from China', in Redesigning the World Trade Organization for the Twenty-first Century, pp. 257 - 284

Edited Books

Picker C; Wang H; Zhou W, (eds.), 2018, China - Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st-Century Model, Hart Publishing, Oxford; Portland, Oregon,

Wang H, (ed.), 2015, Legal Issues of China's Response to WTO Disputes, Law Press China, Beijing

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Journal articles

Shen W; Wang H, 2022, 'Global Stablecoins and China’s CBDC: New Moneys with New Impacts on the Financial System?', Review of Banking & Financial Law, vol. 41

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Working Papers

Wang H, 2011, China, Free Trade Agreements and WTO Law: A Perspective on the Trade in Services, EUI Working Paper MWP 2011/05, http://dx.doi.org


Gerkin DJ; Wang H, 2020, Will COVID-19 Affect International Trade and Globalization?,


Wang H; Healey D, 2022, The implications of a digital Australian dollar,

Wang H, 2021, The Future of the BRI: A New Context and New Issues (Review of Basil C Bitas, ed., ASEAN and the Belt and Road Initiative - Connectivity through Law and Commerce, Academy Publishing, 2021), Oxford University Press,

Wang H, 2021, China Meets Digital Currency: E-CNY and Its Implications for Businesses,

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