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Charles A; Miles E; Griesser A; de Wit R; Shelton K; Cottrill A; Spillman C; Hendon H; McIntosh P; Nakaegawa T; Atalifo T; Prakash B; Seuseu S; Nihmei S; Church J; Jones D; Kuleshov Y, 2013, 'Dynamical seasonal prediction of climate extremes in the Pacific', in Proceedings - 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, MODSIM 2013, pp. 2841 - 2847

Miles E; Spillman C; McIntosh P; Church J; Charles A; de Wit R, 2013, 'Seasonal sea-level predictions for the Western Pacific', in Proceedings - 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, MODSIM 2013, pp. 2855 - 2861

Woodworth PL; Church JA; Aarup T; Wilson WS, 2010, 'Introduction', in Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability, pp. 1 - 16,

Bindoff NL; Stammer D; Le Traon PY; Trenberth K; Mauritzen C; Church JA; Smith N; Malone T; Suga T; Tintoré J; Wilson S, 2010, 'Capabilities of global ocean programmes to inform climate services', in Procedia Environmental Sciences, pp. 342 - 353,

Lewis-Brown E; Reid PC; Andersson A; Arthurton R; Bates N; Barange M; Bathmann U; Beaugrand G; Berger W; Bindoff N; Cattle H; Chisholm P; Church J; De Gusmão D; Drange H; Dye S; Edwards M; Fischer A; Flueckiger J; Furevik T; Gascard JC; Hopcroft R; Iglesias-Rodriguez D; Le Quéré C; Le Tissier M; Kasten S; Kendall M; Knutti R; MacKenzie F; Malin G; Martinson D; Maslowski W; Matear R; Mauritzen C; Meredith M; Paull C; Pingree R; Raven J; Rintoul S; Salter I; Schmidt G; Shimada K; Sparrow M; Stevens D; Treguer P; Tudhope A; Turley C; Visbeck M; Vogt M; Wallace C; Wang Z; Washington R; Wood R, 2008, 'The impacts of the oceans on climate change', in Proceedings - 2008 2nd Electronics Systemintegration Technology Conference, ESTC, pp. 29 - 32,

Church J; Wilson S; Woodworth P; Aarup T, 2007, 'Understanding sea level rise and variability', in Eos, pp. 43,

Rintoul S; Meyers G; Church J; Godfrey S; Moore M; Stanton B, 1996, 'Ocean processes, climate and sea level', in Bouma WJ; Pearman GI; Manning MR (eds.), GREENHOUSE, C S I R O, WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, pp. 127 - 144, presented at Meeting on Greenhouse - Coping with Climate Change (GREENHOUSE 94), WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, 10 October 1994 - 14 October 1994,

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