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Gulson K; Sellar S, 2018, 'Dispositions and situations of governance: The example of data infrastructure in Australian schooling', in Wilkins A; Olmedo A (ed.), , Bloomsbury, London, pp. 63 - 82

Gulson KN; Webb PT, 2017, 'Emerging Biological Rationalities for Policy: (Molecular) Biopolitics and the New Authorities in Education', in Parker S; Gulson KN; Gale T (ed.), POLICY AND INEQUALITY IN EDUCATION, edn. Education Policy & Social Inequality, Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 23 - 39,

Gulson KN, 2017, 'New relationalities of race and education? Computational futures and molecular spaces', in The relationality of race in education research, pp. 1 - 13

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Gulson KN, 2016, 'The Spatialities of Education Policy Analysis: Globalisation, Scale and Mobility', in Cole DR; Woodrow C (ed.), Super Dimensions in Globalisation and Education, SpringerNature, Singapore, pp. 161 - 172,

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Gulson KN; Clarke M; Petersen EB, 2015, 'Introduction: Theory, policy, methodology', in Education Policy and Contemporary Theory: Implications for Research, pp. 1 - 12,

Gulson KN, 2014, '"The Local Trap": Problematizing Place, Education, and Policy', in Vadeboncoeur J (ed.), Teachers College Record, edn. 14, Teachers College Record, New York, pp. 411 - 424

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Gulson K, 2008, 'Deferring dystopia: the sustainable city, urban policy and education markets', in Lingard B; Nixon J; Ranson S (ed.), Transforming Learning in Schools and Communities, edn. Original, Continuum Books, London, pp. 50 - 68

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Gulson K, 2007, 'Mobilizing space discourses: Politics and educational policy change', in Gulson K; Symes C (ed.), Spatial theories of education: Policy and geography matters, edn. Original, Routledge, New York, pp. 37 - 56

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