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Dowse L, 2019, 'Worlds apart and still no closer to justice: Recognition and redress in gendered disability violence', in Practical Justice: Principles, Practice and Social Change, pp. 38 - 53,

Smith L; Dowse L, 2018, 'Complexity and disability: drawing from a complexity approach to think through disability at the intersections.', in Ellis K; Garland-Thompson R; Kent M; Robertson R (ed.), Interdisciplinary Approaches to Disability., Routledge, London,

Smith LE; Dowse L; Soldatic K; Kent M, 2017, 'Developing a MOOC: Factoring in disability', in Bennet R; Kent M (ed.), Massive Open Online Courses and Higher Education: What went right, what went wrong, where to next?, Routledge, New York, pp. 123 - 134,

Didi A; Frohmader C; Dowse LM, 2016, 'Violence Against Disabled Women in the Global South: Working Locally, Acting Globally', in Soldatic K; Grech S (ed.), Disability in the Global South The Critical Handbook, Springer, Switzerland, pp. 323 - 336,

Dowse LM; Wiese M, 2016, 'Cognitive Disability and Complex Support Needs: Challenges in the National Disability Insurance Scheme', in Moore E (ed.), Case management for community practice: A textbook for students and practitioners, edn. 2nd, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic., pp. 417 - 437

Baldry E; Dowse LM, 2013, 'Compounding mental and cognitive disability and disadvantage: Police as care managers', in Chappell D (ed.), Policing and the Mentally Ill: International perspectives, edn. Advances in Police Theory and Practice, CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL, pp. 219 - 234,

Dowse LM; Frohmader C; Meekosha H, 2010, 'Intersectionality: Disabled Women', in Easteal P (ed.), Women and the Law in Australia, edn. 1st, LexisNexis Butterworths, Chatswood, pp. 249 - 268

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