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Rasmussen N, 2018, 'Biomedicine and Its Historiography: A Systematic Review', in Dietrich M (ed.), Handbook of the Historiography of Biology, Springer Nature, Switzerland, pp. 1 - 21,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'Biology, Industry, and the Cold War', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 9 - 39,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'The Insulin Trophy', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 40 - 71,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'Growing Pains Commercial Strains on a Way of Life', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 72 - 100,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'The Interferon Derby Markets in Credit, Tournaments of Value', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 101 - 130,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'Epo The Making of the Biotech Blockbuster', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 131 - 159,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'tPA The End of the Beginning', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 160 - 182,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'Science, Business, and Medicine in the First Age of Biotech CONCLUSION', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 183 - 191,

Rasmussen N, 2014, 'Biology's Day at the Races INTRODUCTION', in , JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PRESS, pp. 1 - +,

Rasmussen N, 2012, 'Goofball Panic: Barbiturates, "Dangerous" and Addictive Drugs, and the Regulation of Medicine in Postwar America', in Greene J; Watkins ES (ed.), Prescribed: Writing, Filling, Using, and Abusing the Prescription in Modern America, edn. Original, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, pp. 23 - 45

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Rasmussen N, 2003, 'Molecular Biology', in Dictionary of American History Third Edition, edn. Original, Charles Scribner`s Sons, New York

Rasmussen N, 2002, 'Innovation in chemical separation and detection instruments: Reflections on the role of research-technology in the history of science', in Morris PJ T (ed.), FROM CLASSICAL TO MODERN CHEMISTRY: THE INSTRUMENTAL REVOLUTION, ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, IMPERIAL COLL, LONDON, ENGLAND, pp. 251 - 258,

Rasmussen N, 2001, 'Biotechnology before the `Biotech revolution`: life scientists, chemists and product development in 1930s-1940s America', in Reinhardt C (ed.), Chemical Sciences in the 20th Century, edn. Original, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, pp. 201 - 227

Rasmussen N; Chalmers A, 2001, 'The role of theory in the use of instruments; or, how much do we need to know about electrons to do science with an election microscope?', in Buchwald JZ; Warwick A (ed.), Histories of the electron: the birth of microphysics, edn. Original, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 467 - 502

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