Select Publications


Weiss TG; Wilkinson R, 2021, Global governance futures,

Weiss TG; Wilkinson R, 2019, Rethinking Global Governance, Polity, Cambridge

Wilkinson R, 2014, What’s Wrong with the WTO and How to Fix It, Polity, Cambridge

2013, The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond, Routledge,

Weiss TG; Wilkinson R, 2013, Foreword

Weiss TG; Wilkinson R, 2010, Foreword by the series editors

Wilkinson R, 2006, Multilateralism and the World Trade Organisation, Routledge,

Wilkinson R, 2006, The WTO: Crisis and the Governance of Global Trade, Routledge, London

Wilkinson R, 2000, Multilateralism and the World Trade Organisation: The Architecture and Extension of International Trade Regulation, Routledge, London

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