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Scott J; Wilkinson R, 2019, Reglobalisation in action Part 4: Rethinking the role of the WTO,

Weiss TG; Wilkinson R, 2017, Grain,

Dawar K; Wilkinson R; Winters LA, 2017, Building a better Brexit

Wilkinson R, 2016, Trade and development after Brexit,

Wilkinson R, 2016, The WTO, Nairobi and the 2030 Global Development Agenda,

Hannah E; Wilkinson R, 2015, When the virus strikes … International Relations and Zombies,

Wilkinson R, 2014, Reform of world trade long overdue,

Wilkinson R, 2011, Fyra principer för reformering av WTO,

Scott J; Wilkinson R, 2011, The inaugural BWPI Global Poverty Summit,

Wilkinson R, 2009, Concluding the Doha Round: what’s going on and why it’s unlikely to help the World’s poorest,

Wilkinson R, 2006, A Ghost of a Chance: ACUNS in Hong Kong,

Narlikar A; Wilkinson R, 2004, Trade Talks Break Down at Cancun – A Victory for Developing Countries?,

Wilkinson R, 2003, ACUNS in Cancun,

Wilkinson R, 2001, Beyond the Hague? The future of the global environment

Wilkinson R, 2001, Getting Ahead in Academia, University of Manchester and UMIST Careers Service

Wilkinson R, 2001, Immigration and the EU: the mismatch of economic and social policy

Wilkinson R, 2001, Working Group Profile: The International Political Economy Group

Wilkinson R, 2000, A Grey Day – Students avenge last year’s defeat

Wilkinson R, 2000, The Global Compact: addressing the challenges of the global economy?

Wilkinson R, 2000, The Trouble with the WTO

Wilkinson R, 2000, What’s really at stake in the labour standards debate

Wilkinson R, 1999, Mr Hoddle, you shouldn’t be surprised to go

Wilkinson R, 1999, Staff thrash Students in annual grudge match

Wilkinson R, 1997, On Capital Punishment

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