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Yao L; Sheng QZ; Ngu AHH; Li X; Benatallah B; Wang X, 2017, 'Building Entity Graphs for the Web of Things Management', in Managing the Web of Things: Linking the Real World to the Web, Elsevier, pp. 275 - 303,

Nepal S; Chen S; Yao J, 2017, 'TS3: A trust enhanced secure cloud storage service', in Cloud Computing: Methodology, Systems, and Applications, pp. 197 - 219,

Kongdenfha W; Motahari-Nezhad HR; Benatallah B; Saint-Paul R, 2014, 'Web service adaptation: Mismatch patterns and semi-Automated approach to mismatch identification and adapter development', in Web Services Foundations, pp. 245 - 272,

Hung V; Benatallah B; Lemos AL, 2014, 'Data transformation knowledge reuse in spreadsheet-based mashup development platform', in Web Services Foundations, pp. 635 - 656,

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Gorlatch S, 2003, 'Adaptive Web-based Database Communities', in van Bommel P (ed.), Information Modelling for Internet Applications, edn. Original, Idea Group Publishing, USA, pp. 277 - 298

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