Policies and Procedures

Division of Research

This page contains research related forms, policies and procedures for applying and managing your Grants




Applying For Grants

  • Head of School/Centre Director approval is required for each grant funding proposal submission. Researchers should advise their Head of School/Centre Director of their intention to submit a proposal as early as possible. Approval for submission by the Head of School/Centre Director will be obtained by the GMO via email when a draft proposal is submitted for compliance review.

Accepting Grants

Managing Your Grant


Establishment of Memorandum of Understanding

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics and Other Research Safety Clearances

You must have ethics clearance for all projects using human subjects in any form and for research involving animal subjects. Throughout the duration of your research this clearance must be current and you are responsible for renewing ethics approval over the course of the project.

Clearance must also be obtained for projects involving Risk Group 3 or 4 Micro-Organisms, Genetically Modified Organisms, Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBA), Ionising Radiation, Non-Ionising Radiation (e.g. transilluminators), Class 3 or 4 Laser, Poisons, Therapeutic Goods or Drug Addiction (S8), Use of Pentobarbitone Sodium (Lethabarb) (S4), Scheduled 10 Prohibited or Notifiable Carcinogen (NSW WHS Regulation 2011), Design or Manufacture of High Risk Plant or Equipment, Hazardous Chemicals that require health surveillance, Work with Lead (Pb), Work that requires a High Risk Work license (e.g. cranes / scaffolding, hoists / elevated work platforms), Scientific research diving.

Please note: The above approvals, once obtained, do not constitute approval for project commencement. There are a number of other research governance approvals that need to be obtained prior to the commencement of your research. Projects cannot proceed until these approvals have been obtained. For external grant funding this may include a signed contract/agreement (e.g. MIA), execution of the Sponsor’s Funding Agreement, return of a signed acceptance form, etc. If in any doubt, please speak to your Grants Officer for further information.

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