Profile Page Instructions & Trouble-Shooting

Following please find answers to common issues encountered when creating/editing a profile. Please also download the Profile & Custom Page Guidelines for further information.

How do I access and edit my profile?

Once you are on the Research Website, you will need to log in to access and edit your profile with your zID and zPass. (‘Log in’ is located at the very bottom of the page.) Once logged in you will automatically be taken to your profile page.

Click on the ‘edit’ tab to access the edit mode. Use the Profile & Custom Page Guidelines to make changes as required.

I am trying to log in to the Gateway but my zID and zPass are not recognised

This is probably because your profile has not yet been activated in the Gateway. Please email to have your profile activated.

I am having some formatting issues with my profile

Any formatting issues are most likely caused by copying and pasting text directly from a web page or word document into your Profile.

To avoid this, text should be copied:

  1. and pasted from the web page or Word document into Notepad (MS Office) or Text Edit (Mac) and then
  2. from Notepad or Text Edit and pasted into the free form fields (eg the Bio field) of your Profile page

How to find Notepad (Windows):     Start – All Programs – Accessories – Notepad
How to find TextEdit (Apple):          Applications - TextEdit

How do I remove my middle name from my profile entry?

You can change the appearance of your First Name and Middle Name (these fields are highlighted in green in the edit mode of your profile) by logging into MyUNSW: My Staff profile - Personal Details - Preferred Name, and making the relevant changes.

Your Profile will be updated within 72 hours.

How do I change the pre-populated HR data?

Data in these fields (highlighted in yellow in the edit mode of your profile - 'Name', 'UNSW Employee ID', 'Title', 'Last name', 'University role' and 'School') comes from HR and is not modifiable by the user from within the Profiles.  

The data can be modified however by sending a request through to HR to make the necessary change within their system.  To do this, enter the Profile edit mode and click the option: 'How to Change your Details - 'Click to request HR changes'.

Once HR makes the changes, your Profile will be updated within 72 hours.

My publications are incorrect / not appearing

Your publications data as displayed in the Research Gateway comes from Research Outputs Systems (ROS), the University's publications database managed by the Library. 

Log in to ROS to edit or hide your publications.  Changes will appear on this page in 72 hours or less.

For further information click here or email

I am a PhD/Masters Candidate/ Visitor / General Staff member – should I have a profile on the site?

For the current phase of the Researcher Profiles, only research-active academic staff on the Human Resources database are profiled on the site.  It is intended that the scope of the profiles will be extended in future phases to incorporate HDR Candidates and additional staff members.

How can I promote my research activities/projects on the Gateway

There are a number of options for promoting your research activities via the Gateway:

  • You can include details of your research activities in the bio field of your Profile page.
  • A Custom Page can be created for you to provide a summary of your research activities. Please email to request this.
  • A Custom Page can be created for your research group to outline its research activities and link to pre-existing pages. Please email to request this.
  • The search functionality on the Gateway allows for the option to search all UNSW sites, so any information you have regarding your research on other UNSW sites will be accessible via the Gateway.

For further information on how to create and edit a Custom Page, please see the Profile & Custom Page Guidelines.

I’m not sure which FOR and SEO codes I can/should use

For information regarding these codes please visit the tags and codes help page.