ECAN Arts & Social Sciences Subcommittee

Who we are: 

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Early Career Academic subcommittee represents and advocates for the interests of ECAs in FASS, liaises with school and faculty-level administrators, and coordinates with other ECA committees in the faculties of Science, Medicine, and Engineering and the central ECAN committee. In addition to our advocacy work, we also run a series of social and professional development events for ECAs. 

Some of our projects in 2019 included: 

  • Surveying FASS ECAs on the new quantitative benchmarking (QB) system, and submitting an official comment to UNSW administrators. 
  • Creating a new FASS ECA Vision Statement, which was presented to the Faculty Board and now forms the basis for ongoing efforts to improve institutional and research support for ECAs.
  • Introduced a new pilot program of "Shut Up and Write" workshops where ECAs can come and work on a new or old writing project in a quiet environment with snacks and peer support. 
  • Helped create a new program ECA Mentoring workshop program in conjunction with the FASS Associate Dean of Research. 
  • Organized a  program of small-scale travel grants to help FASS ECAs travel to present their work at regional and international conferences. 

Interested in getting involved? We are seeking up to 2 representatives from each school in FASS to serve a minimum 1-year term (renewable for a second year).The committee meets every month during the academic year, and all ECAs are eligible to represent their schools. Please feel free to reach out to the committee members with an expression of interest. 

2020 Committee Members:

Dr. Emily Kern, School of Humanities and Languages 
Committee chair
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Dr. Deborah Barros Leal Farias, School of Social Sciences
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Dr. Srinjoy Bose, School of Social Sciences
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Dr. George (Kev) Dertadian, School of Social Sciences
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Dr. Tara McLennan, School of Arts and Media
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Dr. Sally Baker, School of Education
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