Targeted HIV social research program

This research will provide evidence vital to the development of health promotion and HIV risk reduction initiatives and policy in the region. The research aims to build upon and complement, the social research component of the HIV/AIDS capacity building consortium through a program of research in Indonesia, Papua New Guienea and in the Pacific region. The program of research will be undertaken specifically with marginalised and hard-to-reach groups and communities. It will parner in-country researchers in research projects in order to train researchers and will involve vulnerable communities in all aspects of the research. This proposed research program will inform HIV policy and programs in the targeted countries.

  • Build evidence on the social impact of HIV on marginalised and hard-to-reach populations
  • Build an evidence base on optimal contexts for HIV prevention
  • Encourage critical assessment of the social aspects of the HIV epidemic in each country and region
  • Develop the skills of HIV social researchers throughout the region
  • Provide a clear indication of where, when and how to place interventions to best reach vulnerable groups
  • Identify interventions that are most appropriate for specifice populations
  • Indenify optimal modes of delivery interventions within constraints of resource poor settings and in remote communities
  • Provide effective knowledge transfer to NGOs, FBOs, health professionals and governments
  • Translate research outcomes into possibilities for policy and program development

Project team

Professor Heather Worth
Faculty of Medicine
Dr Karen Elizabeth McMillan
Faculty of Medicine
Mrs Christina Rofe
Faculty of Engineering

Key contact

Faculty of Medicine
9385 8658