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I can’t download the form

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader
Internet Explorer is the best way to access the form
Otherwise, if using another browser, try right clicking the link and download the form to your computer
Mac users can mimic the right click by using Control – click on the link and then download the form
Otherwise, email via and request the form be sent to you

How soon can I expect to receive the PRSS funds once I’ve submitted my application form?

The GRS will be processing PRSS applications in order of receipt and will notify applicants once arrangements have been made to transfer funds to the nominated account.

Do I need to attach proof of acceptance to my application form?

No there is no need to attach any documentation. We will accept your supervisor’s assurances that your paper has been accepted.

I was awarded PRSS last year but was unable to attend the conference. Can I apply for PRSS for a different year?

Provided the funds were returned to the GRS and you have received no other PRSS funding, you can apply for PRSS for a different year.

$2200 will not cover all of the costs of travel to my conference. What other sources of funding are there?

The PRSS Scheme is a contribution to costs rather than intended to cover all costs. Speak with your supervisor, school and/or faculty to find out whether they offer alternative travel funding sources.

I have received PRSS funds but I can’t attend the conference that was approved. Do I need to return the funds?

Not immediately. You may use the funds for another conference approved by your supervisor and PGC either this year or in a future year provided it is held prior to you submitting your thesis. If you have not attended an approved conference by then, you will need to return the funds.

Why are Masters candidates ineligible for PRSS funding?

Funds are extremely limited and so we are reserving PRSS for the higher level awards. Masters candidates transferring to a PhD will be eligible as soon as the transfer is approved by their faculty higher degree committee. Schools and faculties may have their own travel grants that will cover Masters level candidates.

The website mentions that PRSS applications will be processed until funds are exhausted. What will happen if there are no funds left?

We have looked at past demand in an effort to accurately determine the flat rate amount we can pay to all eligible applicants. We are reasonably confident that we have it covered – however, if there is an unanticipated significant increase in demand, some may either miss out or will need to wait until the following budget year for payment.

My discipline does not hold international conferences. All our conferences are held in Australia or New Zealand. It doesn’t seem fair that I am excluded from PRSS.

The PRSS is designed to support international travel which has much higher costs and is much more of a barrier than domestic or NZ travel. We would hope that your supervisor or school would be able to assist you if you cannot fund domestic conference travel yourself.

Who can I contact if I have any queries about Serko or MyTrips?

Serko is linked to your School/Unit/Faculty – not the Graduate Research School. Please seek advice from the designated travel administrator within your School/Faculty if you encounter problems. Check the web information at

Can I use PRSS money for fieldwork or to attend a workshop or to visit another academic group to learn new skills or exchange ideas?

No. PRSS funds are available only for candidates to present their research findings at international conferences. However, if you are presenting your research via paper/poster/exhibition at a workshop and this is approved as an equivalent event by your supervisor and PGC, you can apply for PRSS.

Can I apply for PRSS funding for a conference in 2017?

Yes, you may apply for PRSS funding for a conference to be held in 2017.  Applications will be processed in order of receipt with payments commencing from January 2017.