Radiation Safety - Regulated Materials

What are regulated materials?

The NSW Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) Radiation Control Regulation 2013, defines regulated materials meaning any of the following:

  • radioactive substances
  • ionising radiation apparatus
  • non-ionising radiation apparatus of a kind prescribed by the Radiation Control Regulation 2013
  • sealed source devices

Who is allowed to use regulated materials?

Under the NSW Radiation Control Regulation, a person who uses regulated material must hold a radiation user licence OR hold an approval that exempts them from holding a user licence. The exemption can only be granted by a licenced user with condition GE1 on their licence.

What approval do I need to use regulated materials?

At UNSW, the Radiation Safety Committee reviews all research proposals involving the use of regulated materials and recommends to the DVC(R) for approval or registration of the materials under the University's Radiation Management Licence. In particular, the RSC reviews applications for:

  • projects involving unsealed radioactive sources
    • project supervisor must seek RSC approval prior to starting
  • registration of radiation laboratories for work with unsealed sources
    • lab manager or RSS must seek RSC approval for the commissioning of the lab
  • registration of operation of radiation apparatus 
    • custodian of the equipment must seek RSC approval prior to using the unit
  • registration of laser laboratories for work with Class 3B & 4 lasers
    • lab manager or LSS must seek RSC approval for the commissioning of the lab
  • approval for class 3B & 4 lasers
    • custodian of the lasers must seek RSC approval prior to using the lasers

The Radiation Safety Committee approval process depends on the type of radiation being used in your research: unsealed radioactive materials, radiation apparatus or lasers. Please refer to the relevant radiation type in the Radiation Safety at UNSW page for instructions and processes.

Information on Committee tems of reference and meeting dates are here.