Radiation Safety Supervisors at UNSW


Radiation Safety Supervisor Responsibilities

The Radiation Safety Supervisor is responsible for overseeing radiation activities within the School, ensuring the University's safety policies are being observed and followed.

For Schools that do not have a dedicated RSS, the Radiation Safety Officer is the acting RSS.

The following outlines some typical responsibilities of a RSS with regards to oversight of ionising radiation research:

  • Approve Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) and Risk Assessments (RAs) prepared by appropriate licence holders prior to commencement of research
  • Review and sign-off on applications to the Radiation Safety Committee
  • First point of contact in a radiological emergency in the school
  • Coordinate the distribution and collection of personal radiation dosimeters
  • Authorise purchasing of radioactive materials or radiation apparatus prior to placement of an order
  • Assist UNSW staff and students working in organisations external to UNSW campuses to follow the document procedures of those organisations for ionising radiation waste management
  • Provide induction training for access to radiation laboratories
  • Update and maintain of safety manuals for radiation laboratories
  • Advise colleagues on School or Departmental radiological safety matters
  • Maintain relevant registers