Reporting on Projects funded under the UNSW Research Infrastructure Scheme

All projects funded under the Research Infrastructure Scheme must submit annual reports via the Research Grants and Contracts, who will contact Lead Investigators with report forms in Quarter 4 of the year funding was awarded. Reports must be completed by 31st January the following year.

Projects that have not expended all funds within the given timeframe and are carrying funds forward might be asked for additional reports.

Reports will be used by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) to assess project progress and to establish a register of equipment / infrastructure funded under the Research Infrastructure Scheme. The register is available here and will be updated following each round of the scheme.

Reporting on Infrastructure Projects

Reports for Infrastructure Projects (Faculty, cross-Faculty and MWAC Infrastructure Projects) are collected via Survey Monkey. You will be contacted by the Research Grants and Contracts with the link to the Report Survey in Quarter 4 of each year your project received funding.

You can preview the questions in the 2020 report here.

Reporting on Network Labs

Reports for Network Labs are in the form of a Word document that is submitted to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure). The report form to fill in will be emailed to Lead Investigators of funded Network Labs by Research Grants and Contracts in Quarter 4 of each year the Lab received funding.

For 2021 Network Lab reporting (including final report for application for renewal of funding), please use this template