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What is ResBaz?

Sydney's Research Bazaar is an intensive festival and conference where researchers come together to up-skill in next-generation digital research tools and scholarship. In the spirit of a marketplace or bazaar, ResBaz is a highly participatory event where researchers from many different disciplines can learn, share knowledge and skills, and have fun.

In September 2019 UNSW hosted ResBaz to a crowd of 400+ people. The program consisted of:

  • 3 days of ResBaz Sydney Festival connecting researchers from a broad range of backgrounds. It included lightning talks, presentations, and keynotes highlighting the latest and most interesting research methods. It was a great opportunity to connect with industry sponsors and bring research to the next level.
  • 3 days of ResBaz Sydney Training workshops providing key skills needed to expand research horizons, diving deep into Python, R, Matlab and Julia to name a few.
  • A dedicated ResBaz Sydney Compute Day focusing on training and using the latest computing resources. Google Cloud, MS Azure, AWS and RONIN provided in-depth training on their latest platforms. There were presentations and workshops by NCI and Pawsey and a training workshop by MathWorks.

ResBaz Sydney 2019 videos here!

Missed out on ResBaz Sydney in 2019? Or want to re-watch some of the talks? Please see below:

For the full program click here and find the Room/Time of whatever you want to watch!

Tuesday 10th September

Room Event Talks
Colombo A Lightning Talks

Transparency and Reproducibility (Shawn Ross, MQU)

Show Your Working: Enabling Reproducible Research with Electronic Notebooks (David Jung, UNSW)

Code Review to Enhance Research Training, Collaboration, and Communication (Lindsay Peterson, UNSW)

Library/Data/Software Carpentries Primer (Darya Vanichkina, USYD/Liz Stokes, ARDC)

Messi(ng) with RDM (Adrian Chew, UNSW)

Colombo A Festival Presentations

Intro to NVivo (Peta Ryan, UNE)
Writing Reproducible

Manuscripts in R Markdown (Deborah Apthorp, UNE)

Colombo A Welcome + Keynote: Adopting a reproducible workflow

Welcome to ResBaz Sydney 2019
(Luc Betbeder-Matibet, UNSW)

Keynote: Adopting a Reproducible Workflow While Seeping your Sanity: A Transition Timeline (Danielle Navarro, UNSW)

Sponsor talk: AWS/RONIN (Nathan Albrighton, RONIN)

Colombo A Lightning Talks

Delivering an Integrated Climate Science Program in NSW Government (Kathleen Beyer, DPIE)

Germinating in a Warming World: Tropical Plants are More at Risk (Alexander Sentinella, UNSW)

Spoken Language Processing (Kimiko Tsukada, MQU)

Easy Way to Analyse Neurophysiological Data (Suzan Dilara Tokac, MQU)

Influence of Social Media for e-cigarette Uptake Among the Youth (Samia Amin, MQU)

Does Your Mood Affect Your Bones? (Abhijit Chowdhury, UoN)

Colombo B Festival Presentations

Take Up TOP! – A Crowd-Sourced Initiative to
Improve the Transparency and Openness of Published Research (Matthew Bagg and Aidan Cashin, NeuRA)

Get recognition for your code - software citation in practice (Mattias Liffers, ARDC)

Colombo C Festival Presentations

Publishing Strategies for Quality and Impact (Kassie Dmitrieff, UNSW)


Wednesday 11th September

Room Event Talks
Colombo A Festival Presentations

P-Words in Science: An intro to Publication bias, P-hacking, and Pre-registration (Serje Robidoux, MQU)

Reproducibility - A few pointers (Duncan Smith, UNSW)

HJKL: How to Vim (Aidan Wilson, Intersect)

Colombo C Festival Workshop: Concepts and tools in R Study design concepts and tools in R (Gordana Popovic, UNSW)
Colombo A Keynote: Skills for 21st Century Researchers

Keynote: Skills for 21st century researchers (Ginny Barbour, AOASG)

Sponsor talk: Intersect Australia (A/Prof Ric Lovell, WSU/Dr. Jonathon Arthur, Intersect Australia)

Sponsor talk: Microsoft (Auda Eltahla, Microsoft)

Colombo A Lightning Talks

Fancy a (free) trip to Germany? Opportunities for International Summer School Data Science at University of Goettingen (Huong Ly Tong, MQU)

A quick survey of surveys: considerations for choosing the right survey platform for your research (David Jung, UNSW)

Experiences of Registered Nurses with Refugee backgrounds (Harrison Ng Chok, WSU)

Interactive Visualisation for real time analysis (Malcolm Ramsay, USYD)

Coding for the Library (Ben Casimir, UTS)

Colombo A Festival Presentations Research Data Management for fun and profit (Mattias Liffers, ARDC)
Colombo B Festival Presentations

Cool Visualisations using Tableau (an Introduction) (A/Prof Hume Winzar, MQU)

Accuracy, Efficiency and Reproducibility for real number computations (A/Prof Rob Womersley, UNSW)

Colombo C Festival Presentations OA Tools for Researchers and Making Your Research FAIR (Tom Honeyman & Liz Stokes, ARDC)


Thursday 12th September

Room Event Talks
Colombo A Festival Presentations

Safety and ethics of artificial intelligence in healthcare (Farah Magrabi, MQU)

Human health and artificial intelligence: can the two go hand in hand? (Shlomo Berskovsky, MQU)

Languages Showdown: Python, R, JULIA, Matlab - Rapid Fire (Intersect/UNSW Restech)

Colombo B Festival Workshop: Network Movers Challenge Network Movers Challenge (Sara King, AARNet)
Colombo A Keynote: Stop, Collaborate and listen

Keynote: Stop, collaborate and listen: Research partnerships in the digital humanities (Rachel Hendery, WSU)

Sponsor talk: Google Cloud Platform (Austin Shen, Chironix)

Colombo A Lightning Talks

Library/Data/Software Carpentries Primer (Darya Vanichkina, USYD/Liz Stokes, ARDC/Brian Ballstun Stanton, MQU/Mattias Liffers, ARDC)

R for Reporting? FAIR and Data Journalism (Andreas Mertin)

Data Retention: How long do I have to keep this thing anyway (Jake Surman)

Colombo A Festival Presentations Science Communication: Some tips for translating tech and research to your grandma (Nathaniel Butterworth, USYD)
Colombo B Festival Presentations

P-Words in Science: An intro to Publication bias, P-hacking, and Pre-registration (Repeat) (Serje Robidoux, MQU)

Data processing with Python Pandas vs Dask: an introduction (Sergio Pintaldi, USYD)