Research Data Management at UNSW - Introduction

All researchers produce data, whether ‘traditional’ numbers in graphs and tables, or primary research materials such as manuscripts, text, interview transcripts, or videos.

The ways in which data are stored, managed and further utilised are undergoing a fundamental shift in research practice for a number of reasons. 

These range from technological advancements enabling safe storage of vast quantities of data, expectations of high standards of research integrity from institutions, funding bodies and the wider community, new citation metrics focusing on data itself, and new opportunities for data sharing and re-use into the future.

UNSW is committed to ensuring that UNSW researchers have access to safe and secure storage solutions and are provided with the knowledge to effectively manage and store their data for both active and archival purposes. 

  • UNSW provides a Data Archive for researchers and HDR candidates. 
  • Through this service (which is free and without quotas) you can access your data now, and well into the future, and be assured that it is safe and secure.


About the Research Data Management Toolkit


This group of pages provides information and advice about data, data storage and research data management at UNSW. 

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