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Below you'll find our Training Calendar as well as a selection of free online resources, both in-house and third party, for up-skilling in digital research tools. Expand the selections below to explore the training offered for each piece of software.

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Please note that all of our courses are currently online.

Date Course Name Registration
19 May Learn to Program: R Registration link
20 May Learn to Program: R  
24 May Excel for Researchers Registration link
25 May Excel for Researchers  
11 Jun Introduction to Machine Learning using Python: Introduction & Linear Regression Registration link
15 Jun Introduction to Machine Learning using Python: Classification Registration link
17 Jun Introduction to Machine Learning using Python: SVM & Unsupervised Learning Registration link


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* Denotes ResTech recommended courses

Name Duration Difficulty Provider
How to think like a Computer Scientist* Self paced Beginner Open Book Project
Python Essential Training 4h 45m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Python Data Analytics 2h 30m  Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Python for Data Visualisation 1h 21m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Learn Python 3 25hr Beginner Codecademy
Learn to Program: The fundamentals 29hr Beginner Coursera

Note: UNSW Stats Central offer consultations and short courses in R. To find out more please visit their website here


Duration Difficulty Provider
Learning R 2h 51m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
R Statistics Essential Training 5h 59m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
R for Excel Users 1h 28m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Learn R 20hr Beginner Codecademy
Data Visualization in R with ggplot2 2h 27m Intermediate LinkedIn Learning
Text Analytics and Predictions with R Essential Training 40m Intermediated LinkedIn Learning

For HPC, the biggest learning hurdle is the Linux environment and command line, for which we recommend the MIT Missing Semester course (see below). 

HPC installations are relatively unique - while the underlying concepts are similar across the field, there is no 'generic' course that will fulfil this need. UNSW provides an introduction course that brings people up to speed on the general concepts and how they work locally.

Name Duration Difficulty Provider
The Missing Semester of Your CS Education* 10 x 1h Beginner MIT Open Learning
Introduction to Linux and HPC* Self paced Beginner ResTech
Introduction to NCI Courses Self paced All Levels NCI
Pawsey Training Self paced All levels Pawsey


Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Fortran for Inherited Code* 3h Intermediate ResTech
Learn C++ 20h Beginner Codecademy
Learn C# 25h Beginner Codecademy
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Git Essential Training 2h 55m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
The Missing Semester of Your CS Education* 10 x 1h Beginner MIT Open Learning
Introduction to Linux and HPC* Self paced Beginner ResTech
Learning Linux Command Line 2hr 18min Beginner LinkedIn Learning
The Linux Foundation Free Courses ~ All Levels Linux Foundation
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Excel Essential Training 2h 10m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners 37m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Excel 2019 Essential Training 2h 8m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Excel: Analytics Tips 2h 1m Intermediate LinkedIn Learning
Excel: PivotTable Tips 1h 38m Intermediate LinkedIn Learning
Excel: Charts in Depth 2h 36m Intermediate LinkedIn Learning
Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions 4h 30m Advanced LinkedIn Learning
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Websites 10hr Beginner Khan Academy
Introduction to JavaScript 25hr Beginner Codecademy
Learn Java 25hr Beginner Codecademy
HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery 6hr Beginner Khan Academy
Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation 10hr Beginner Khan Academy
Introduction to HTML 9hr Beginner Codecademy
Advanced JS: Games and Visualizations 8hr Intermediate Khan Academy
Advanced JS: Natural Simulations 10hr Advanced Khan Academy
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
SQL: Essential Training 3hr Beginner LinkedIn Learning
SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis 2h 17m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data 10hr Beginner Khan Academy
Learn SQL 7hr Beginner Codecademy
SQL Tips, Tricks and Techniques 59m Intermediate LinkedIn Learning
Advanced SQL: Querying and managing Data 1h 44m Advanced LinkedIn Learning
Advanced SQL for Data Scientists 1h 24m Advanced LinkedIn Learning
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Learning MATLAB 1h 13m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
MATLAB Academy ~ Beginner MathWorks
Machine Learning with MATLAB 54m ~ ResTech Lunch & Learn
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Introductory Overview* 1h 24m Beginner ResTech
Surveys* 1h 28m Beginner ResTech
Longitudinal Projects* 57m Beginner ResTech
REDCap 201* ~ Advanced ResTech
Vanderbilt REDCap training videos ~ All levels Vanderbilt University
UNSW eNotebook (LabArchives)
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
UNSW eNotebook (LabArchives) Town Hall* 36m Beginner ResTech
UNSW eNotebook (LabArchives) Training* 1hr Beginner ResTech
LabArchives tutorials ~ All levels LabArchives
LabArchives tutorials - Classroom edition ~ All levels LabArchives

See below for information on Research Data Management guidelines and training. RDM@UNSW can help with Data Management, Storage, Classification, Training, and any other Data issues. 

Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Data Tools at UNSW Talk* 11m Beginner ResTech
RDM@UNSW Town Hall* 27m Beginner ResTech
RDM Online Training Self-paced (est. 40m) Beginner ResTech
Open Data

Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition online course and resources might be useful for policy makers and scientists, working in the area of agriculture, nutrition, weather and climate, and land data.

It consists of five units as follows including 18 lessons. 

Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Unit 1: Open Data Principles Self paced Beginner GODAN Action
Unit 2: Using Open Data Self paced Beginner GODAN Action
Unit 3: Making Data Open Self paced Beginner GODAN Action
Unit 4: Sharing Open Data Self paced Beginner GODAN Action
Unit 5: Intellectual Property and Copyright Self paced Beginner GODAN Action
Name Duration Difficulty Provider
NVIDIA - Various online courses Self paced Various NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute



Name Duration Difficulty Provider
Learning NVivo 1h 10m Beginner LinkedIn Learning
NVivo 2018 Essential Training 1h 23m Beginner LinkedIn Learning