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Dr Simin Maleknia Research Page

Dr. Simin Maleknia is an expert in the application and development of mass spectrometry and other analytical approaches in the environmental, biological and chemical sciences. Her current activities focus on the analysis of environmental pollutants in agricultural and other land use management.
Robyn Richmond Research Activities

For over three decades Professor Robyn Richmond has been an innovator and leader in scientific research in public health particularly in the areas of smoking cessation in general practice and among high risk groups, introducing curricula on tobacco control in medical schools globally, and centena
Research Projects - Overview

Improving usability of security APIs: Software companies are placing more burden on the API (Application Programming Interface) developers to create usable security mechanisms as a result of continuing research into encouraging secure user behavior.
Dr Maria Zarimis Research Activities

Her research has dealt with the impact of Darwinism in Greece, investigating how it has shaped Greece in terms of its cultural and intellectual history, and in particular its literature. Her work is examined particularly within a European context.
Hypersonic Fluid-Structural Interaction

This research aims to fill a significant gap in the current modelling of critical fluid-structural interactions in high-speed flows by performing novel experiments to generate data that does not currently exist. This data is being used to assess and improve advanced numerical simulation tools.
Biomechanics of Damage to the Optic Nerve

UNSW Canberra is investigating the role mechanical compression of the optic chiasm plays in visual afflictions (Wang et al. 2014a). The nerves carrying optical information from both eyes all pass through this small soft-tissue structure inside the skull.