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Animal Ethics Legislation and UNSW Policy
Animal Ethics Guidelines

ARRP Guidelines

Note that it is a condition of UNSW's Accreditation as an Animal Research Establishment with the NSW regulator that unless otherwise approved by the ACEC, animals should be housed in accordance with the below guidelines:

NHMRC Guidelines

Specific guidelines relating to the implementation of the Code which should be consulted regarding the use of various species of animals for research and teaching purposes:


UNSW ACEC and Veterinary Guidelines, Standards, Monitoring Sheets and Templates

UNSW ACEC and Veterinary Guidelines, Monitoring Sheets and Templates

For all approved ACEC and Veterinary Guidelines and Templates please click here.


UNSW ACEC Standards

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Animal Ethics (

Manager, Research Ethics & Compliance


Research Ethics & Compliance Officer

Suzanna Hatchwell

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Research Ethics & Compliance Officer

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ACEC Chairs

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