Responsible Conduct of Research

UNSW recognises the need for researchers to be informed on issues relating to research integrity and the responsible conduct of research including research ethics matters.

Research Integrity is UNSW’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes the responsible conduct of research.  UNSW's research foundations are built upon standards of excellence, truthfulness, moralistic actions and legally permissible conduct and supporting these foundations through effective and proper procedures and policies.

Research Integrity is a commitment to:  

  • Intellectual integrity and honesty
  • Individual and collective responsibility;
  • Government legislature and statute; and
  • Responsible Research


UNSW Research Code of Conduct

This sets the guidelines on how our researchers must conduct their activities in an ethical and professional manner, ensuring validity and accuracy in the collection and reporting of data.  This Code applies to all researchers at UNSW, including research students as well as visiting and conjoint staff.

A copy of the Research Code of Conduct can be found here.

Research Integrity Advisors

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) has overarching responsibility for research integrity at UNSW.  In his capacity he has appointed a Research Integrity Advisor.  Due to their delegated responsibility and uniqueness of varying disciplines they should be your first point of call for advice. 

UNSW has Research Integrity Advisors within each of its Faculties.  Their role is to provide confidential advice to staff and students with regards to the UNSW Research Code of Conduct and to mediate in authorship disputes.

UNSW’s Research Integrity Advisors are the Deputy Deans / Associate Dean (Research) within each UNSW Faculty.

Though there is a  Research Integrity Advisor within each Faculty, staff and students are not restricted to consulting with the Faculty specific Research Integrity Advisor.  Staff and students are free to speak with any one of the 9 Advisors across UNSW.

Know Your Research Integrity Advisor Here 

Research Policies and Procedures

The University has in place various polices that set out the guidelines with respect to responsible research practices

Public Statements

From time to time the University may issue public statements related to the responsible conduct of research.

  1. Group of Eight (Go8) Statement on the Use of Animals in Research
  2. Professor Levon Khachigian
Making complaints

Allegations of non-compliance of the UNSW Research Code of Conduct are handling in accordance with UNSW Procedure for Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct.

If you have any concerns with respect to the responsible conduct of research please speak with:

  1. Your research integrity advisor; or
  2. The Research Integrity Unit