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ResTech organises presentations giving you an insight into new and interesting research methods. Come join other researchers in seeing how technology and research are being used together in exciting new ways.

Schedule for ResTech Seminar Series in 2022

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Date Seminar Presenters More info.
10 Mar ResToolkit Town Hall ResTech and UNSW library Recording link
5 May  Using Cloud for your Research - Implementation of Alphafold2 in the cloud: a rapid response at UNSW to new development in computing (from a biologist’s perspective) Dr Kate Michie Recording link
9 Jun The Role of Technology in Advancing the Science of Cities Dr Balamurugan Soundararaj Recording link | Presentation slides
30 Jun Fuelling the HPC and AI with NVIDIA Full Stack Innovation Dr Wei Fang (NVIDIA) Recording link | Presentation slides
14 Jul Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Image Analysis Prof. Erik Meijering, Jiayi Zhu, Piumi Sandarenu, Dr Yanming Zhu.  Recording link | Published results included in presentation from the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, NMR in Biomedicine Research Article and Bioinformatics Journal
28 Jul Using HPC for clinical and neuroscience computations - a researcher's perspective Prof Wei Wen & Dr Anbupalam (Anbu) Thalamuthu Recording to follow...
11 Aug Labs without Walls - a mobile app based pilot study  Part of the ResTech Cloud Grants Scheme Recording Link | Presentation Slides
25 Aug Utilising HPC & Optimising Technologies for Research & Process Modelling  Prof Yansong Chen (UNSW School of Chem. Eng.)  Recording Link 


2021 ResTech Seminar Talks

Find here all available information from the ResTech Seminars held in 2021.

2021 Seminar Talks Presenter More info
Modelling the impact of PrEP on gonorrhoea incidence Michael Walker Recording link
2020 ResTech Seminar Talks

Find here all available information from the ResTech Seminars held in 2020.

2020 Seminar Talks Presenter More info
SC19 - The Most Significant Bits Martin Thompson Slide pack (pdf)
RDM@UNSW Townhall  RDM/Data Team Slide pack (pdf), Recording link
What's so super about Supercomputing anyway? Lachlan Simpson Slide pack (pdf), Recording link
VirMAP pipeline for processing metagenomic sequencing data Ignatius Pang, Ki Wook Kim Slide pack 1, Slide pack 2, Recording link
The BCCVL and EcoCloud - Cloud based tools for research Shawn Laffan Slide pack (pdf)Recording link
Structural parameter tuning for high dimensional dynamic programming  Akshay Shanker Recording link
Developing a GUI for AI-aided image processing Peyman Mostaghimi Recording link
Developing a Python based GUI for an MPI and CUDA application Ying Da Wang, Thomas Tang Recording link
Using AWS Lambda to create an x-ray diffraction tool John Daniels Recording link
Matlab to Python Code Porting Chao Chen Recording link


2019 ResTech Seminar Talks

Find here all available information from the ResTech Seminars held in 2019

2019 Seminar Talks Slides + Materials
eNotebook: Tips and Tricks - David Jung Slide pack (pdf)
RSE - Overview and value to your research group - Simon Yin, David Guanawan Slide pack (pdf)
Big Data Moves - Jake Surman Slide pack (pdf)
The Accidental Project Manager - Ben Hatton Slide pack (pdf)
AI-Empowered Biomedicine, HPC Matters - Fatemeh Vafaee Slide pack (pdf)
Version Control - GitHub at UNSW - Duncan Smith Slide pack (pdf)
Time of flight sensors and eye tracking. The NEW thing in Myopia research? - Peter Wagner Slide pack (pdf)
Computer-aided design of materials for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration - Claudio Cazorla Silva Slide pack (pdf)
Publishing research data: how can you do it, and why should you care? - Christopher Franks Slide pack (pdf)
2018 ResTech Seminar Talks

Find here all available information from the ResTech Seminars held in 2018

2018 Seminar Talks Slides + Materials
Machine Learning in Material Science - Jianliang Yang Slide pack (pdf)
Optimising Matlab - John Zaitseff Slide pack (pdf) 
Using GPUs with Tensors in Matlab - Simon Yin Slide pack (pdf)
HPC Tips and Tricks - Duncan Smith  
Machine Learning on NASA satellite images - Mark Broich  
How can HPC and Bioinformatics help to cure infections and cancer? - Fabio Luciani Slide pack (pdf)
Deep Reinforcement Learning with Julia - Joel Mason, CSE Slide pack (pdf)
    (i) Discussion on merits of multiple dispatch, by one of Julia's co-creators Link
    (ii) Julia Observer - a good place to find Julia packages Link
    (ii) The notebook shown in the talk on the basics of using GPUs in Julia Link