Role of the Research Integrity Advisor

UNSW has Research Integrity Advisors within each of its Faculties.  At UNSW the Research Integrity Advisors are the also the Associate Dean (Research) within each UNSW Faculty. 

The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Senior Vice-President has overarching responsibility for research integrity at UNSW. 

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) in his capacity has appointed senior research staff as Research Integrity Advisors.  Due to their delegated responsibility, knowledge and experience within the faculty and discipline, and uniqueness of varying disciplines they should be your first point of call for advice with respect to research integrity and responsible research practice at UNSW.

The role of the Research Integrity Advisor:

  • To provide confidential advice to staff, research trainees and research students with regards to the UNSW Research Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Be the first step in mediating authorship disputes.
  • Advise research staff and research students and trainees in respect of responsible research practice at UNSW, and advise options regarding making any complaint or allegation of research misconduct.
  • Are not permitted to offer advice if s/he has a relevant conflict of interest.
  • Are not permitted to conduct any investigation or inquiry into a complaint or allegation of research misconduct.
  • To refer any complaint or allegation of research misconduct, in writing, to the Director, UNSW Integrity for investigation under the UNSW Procedure for Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct.

Although there is a Research Integrity Advisor within each Faculty, staff and students are not restricted to consulting the Research Integrity Advisor within their own Faculty. 

Please note staff and students are free to speak with any one of the nine Research Integrity Advisors across UNSW.