SDS Online Modules

There are 8 modules in the SDS online resource on Moodle:

1. Introduction:  The doctoral context
2. Attracting and selecting doctoral candidates
3. Approaching supervision
4. Setting your candidates on the right course
5. Managing progress
6. Expectations and preparing for examination
7. Issues in supervision
8. Continuing your supervisory development – next steps

In addition to these modules we highly recommend in the first instance accessing, the Identify your priorities module contained within Moodle.This tool will help you decide which topics are high, medium or low priority for your own development and will guide you to specific units within each module. 

See How do I gain access? under Related Links on the right of this page to follow the steps to self enrol via Moodle.   The SDS Quick Reference Guide is also helpful in planning how to best utilise these 8 modules, with topics categorised under suggested time frames and log-in details