Template Agreements

Research Grants and Contracts

We have a range of template agreements available to support specific types of external partnerships. These templates are managed by Research Grants and Contracts and the UNSW Legal Office (Research) and include:

  • Consulting Agreement
    This template is suitable for use when UNSW is being engaged to provide consultancy services to an external organisation.  Additional clauses are available for insertion where the project involves testing only.  Information on this template and additional clauses can be obtained from Research Grants and Contracts

  • Research Agreement
    This template provides a standardised legal framework for engaging UNSW to undertake research activities.  It should be used where UNSW is performing a research project for an external organisation, with or without the involvement of students.

  • Student Agreement 
    This agreement is for use when a UNSW student will be involved in undertaking a research project for an external organisation; eg. as part of their PhD.

  • Student Deed Poll 
    This deed poll should be used when a UNSW Student/s participates in a research project governed by a third party agreement or a projects that may involve or lead to the development of commercially sensitive intellectual property, including ARC Linkage projects.

  • NHMRC Partnership Projects Agreement
    This template has been developed for NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health – Projects (Partnership Projects) where UNSW is the administering organisation and one or more participating institutions are collaborating on the project.

  • Confidentiality Agreement (one way) 
    This template should be used when the university wishes to disclose confidential information to another party and requires that the information remains confidential.  Alternate templates, such as a two-way confidentiality agreement or confidentiality deed poll, are available on request.

Medical Templates - Clinical Trial Research Agreements - July 2018

The below Clinical Trial Research Agreement are applicable for the Faculty of Medicine, please use the below templates and submit to the Grants Management Office with memorandum and include the associated Research Project number details.

These are only available to UNSW Staff, you will be required to use your UNSW zID and password

Using UNSW template agreements ensures prompt approval enabling projects to commence. If you wish to use a UNSW template agreement or require assistance in determining the applicable template agreement please email researchcontracts@unsw.edu.au