Thesis Submission

Once you are ready to submit your thesis, you need to prepare copies of your thesis that can be sent to your examiners. These copies must contain a Thesis Dissertation sheet and Originality Statement.

If you are an international candidate, you may need to apply for an extension of your student visa.


Hard Copies of Your Thesis

You are required to submit two hard copies of your thesis for examination. You should check with your supervisor or Postgraduate Research Coordinator whether your School or Faculty requires any additional copies.

Each copy of your thesis should be bound in a way that means it can be mailed and examined and remain intact as per the Thesis Format Guide, and must include the following documents:

1. Thesis Dissertation Sheet

You must include a Thesis Dissertation Sheet after the front title page of your thesis. Your thesis dissertation sheet needs to be signed, witnessed, and dated, and must contain the same version of your 350-word abstract as that entered into the Thesis Examination Management (TEM) system on MyUNSW

2. Originality Statement

An Originality Statement must be included after the Thesis Dissertation Sheet. You need to ensure that your Originality Statement is signed & dated before submission.

You should deliver the hard copies of your thesis either in person or via mail to the Graduate Research School if you are a Kensington campus or Art and Design candidate, or the UNSW Canberra Research Support Unit if you are a UNSW Canberra candidate.

3. Inclusion of Publications Statement

You must include an Inclusion of Publications Statement after the Originality Statement. Even if you haven't included any publications in your thesis, you must still sign and include this statement. 

The statement needs to be signed by yourself in the event that there aren’t any of your publications included in the thesis. If you have included any of your publications from your candidature in the thesis in lieu of Chapters, information on the details of those publications will need to be provided, along with the supporting declarations from both your primary supervisor and Postgraduate Coordinator.


Electronic Copies of Your Thesis

You must email one electronic copy of your thesis in pdf format to your campus office. You should name your pdf using the naming convention: ‘[Studentnumber] – [SURNAME] – [firstname] – Thesis’. When entering your student number, please only include the number itself, rather than your full zID. For instance, a student named Ann Smith with zID z1111111 would use the file name '1111111 - SMITH - Ann - Thesis'.

Kensington Campus:

UNSW Art and Design:   

UNSW Canberra:


Visa Extensions

If your student visa expires while your thesis is under examination, you will need to apply for a visa extension for a period of six months.

To submit an application, email the Graduate Research School Thesis and Examination Team to request a candidature summary.  Once you receive this documentation, you can submit a visa extension request to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection


What Happens Next?

Once you have submitted your thesis, visit After Thesis Submission