Thesis Submission

UNSW HDR candidates are required to submit their thesis electronically using the GRIS Examinations module

Once you are ready to submit your thesis for examination, you will need to log into GRIS to complete the online forms and upload a pdf of your thesis. Remember, thesis submission in GRIS is final step so make sure your supervisor has given you their approval before you submit.

If you are a main award scholarship recipient, you may be eligible to claim the Thesis Allowance - more information is provided below.

If you are an international candidate and you intend to stay in Australia during the examination process, you may need to apply for an extension of your student visa. Refer below for more details.


Electronic Submission

To submit your thesis for examination, please log into the GRIS Examinations module and start by clicking on the "Start My Thesis Submission" button.

As you will not be permitted to make any changes to your thesis after it has been submitted in GRIS, make sure your supervisor has reviewed it first and that the formatting conforms to the University rules outlined in the Thesis Format Guide.

Use the following naming convention for your pdf: ‘[Studentnumber] [SURNAME], [firstname] – Thesis’. For example, Ann Smith with zID z1111111 would use the file name '1111111 SMITH, Ann - Thesis'. 

There is a size limit of 500mb. If your thesis is larger than 500mb, you need to submit your thesis in two parts or upload a zipfile .


Submission Documentation & Inclusion of Publications

At the time of thesis submission, you must complete three online forms:

  1. Thesis Title and Abstract sheet (previously known as the Thesis Dissertation Sheet)

  2. Originality Statement 

  3. Inclusion of Publications Statement 

With the introduction of electronic submission in GRIS, these forms are no longer included in the examined version of your thesis.

Inclusion of Publications Statement

If you have included any of your publications from your candidature in lieu of chapters in your thesis, information on the details of those publications will need to be provided. 

As part of the GRIS workflow, once you submit your thesis, the form will automatically be sent to your primary supervisor and then on to your Postgraduate Coordinator for review and approval. 

For more information about including publications in your thesis, please refer to the Thesis Format Guide and Thesis Examination Procedure.


Thesis Allowance

If you have been in receipt of a main award scholarship such RTP, International RTP, UPA or UIPA, you may be eligible to apply for a contribution to the costs associated with the production of your thesis.

The thesis allowance can only be claimed on submission of the thesis. The claim form is available on the Forms, Procedures and Policies page and should be lodged with the GRS via

For more information, please visit Additional Benefits and Allowances.


Visa Extensions

If you intend to apply for an extension of your student visa while your thesis is under examination, please email, and the GRS Examinations team will provide you with a letter confirming your thesis submission.  

Once you receive this letter, you will need to apply for the extension of your student visa through the Department of Home Affairs.

If you have any questions about your student visa please contact a UNSW International Student Advisor or the Department of Home Affairs.


What Happens Next?

Once you have submitted your thesis, visit After Thesis Submission