Third-party platforms

UNSW supported platforms have already been classified to determine what data classifications they are suitable for storing. However, due to the varied nature of research projects across UNSW, we understand that you may need to use a third-party platform for your research project.

Any third-party platforms may be used to store and handle your research data provided that you meet the requirements stipulated in UNSW policies around research data, particularly the data handling guidelines. Furthermore, if you are handling data from external collaborators (e.g. State or health agencies and commercial partners etc.) you may have additional requirements as detailed in a data-sharing or similar agreement/contact.

Data Governance has provided a system classification tool to help you determine what data classification any platform is suitable for storing. The tool is only accessible with a staff zID account. If you need access for an ethics application please contact us.

Note: If you are using a third-party platform for your research. You should pay particular attention to or take additional steps to:

  1. Keep aware of who can access the data, and review that access periodically (e.g. disabling shared links that are no longer in use)
  2. Ensure the data is backed up properly and data from a staff/student is accessible to you (or the project CI) when a staff/student leaves or graduates.


If you need advice in choosing the appropriate data storage platform or tool, assistance completing the system classification tool or just general advice on research data management feel free to contact us at

Data Governance

For information on policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and frameworks on governance, management, and use of data at UNSW please visit Data & Information Governance at UNSW or contact: