What is eResearch?

eResearch is a broad term which refers to the application of infromation and communication technologies to the practice of research. Key areas include research data management and planning, high performance computing, data storage and networking, collaboration, sharing and access to research data. 

Why is eResearch Important?

eResearch has become an indispensable activity that enables transformation and innovation in a broad range of research disciplines including health care, molecular biology, material science, engineering, law and fine arts. The management and mining of large data sets provides the foundation for research disciplines such as climate system science.


UNSW eResarch Coordination Group

The eResarch Coordination Group was established in 2009 as a forum for eResarch development at UNSW and is supported by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the University Library. The group meets five times a year and draws upon the expertise of a number of research academics, representatives from teaching and learning, and the Director of Faculty IT Services.

This group provides a forum for existing eResearch activites at UNSW and acts as a contact point for external parties with an interest in eResearch at UNSW such as Australian Government initiatives (ANDS and NeCTAR) and Intersect.

UNSW eResearch Goals 

  1. Develop eResearch capacity across all disciplines.
  2. Connect UNSW researchers with eResearch infrastructure which is fit for purpose, sustainable and scalable.
  3. Identify opportunities for UNSW researchers to access funding for eResearch projects and collaborative projects with an eResearch foundation.