Researcher Development

Supporting researchers to develop and meet the demands of an academic career

Your academic career path is individual and typically requires demonstrated outcomes in the areas of scholarly research, teaching and service to the University, profession, discipline and/or community.

Since 2013, the Researcher Development Unit (RDU), under the leadership of the PVC-RT and Dean of Graduate Research, Professor Laura Poole-Warren, has progressively introduced an integrated Academic Career Development Framework (ACDF) to provide career relevant and effective researcher development.

The framework, endorsed by the UNSW Higher Degree Research Committee and informed by the UNSW Academic Promotions Policy:

  • Integrates academic development across teaching, research and leadership & engagement (service)
  • Focuses on academics throughout their careers commencing with HDR candidates
  • Works across a range of levels including institution, discipline, faculty and school

The RDU offers a schedule of modules and events informed by the ACDF that individuals undertake based on their current career needs.

For ACDF and schedule updates, subscribe to the RDU Bulletin.

RDU staff contacts

 General Enquiries:

Cecilia Stenstrom, Director  email: Tel: +61 2 9385 4277
Linda Coggiola, Consultant email: Tel: +61 2 9385 9741
Gaby Gubbay, Consultant email: Tel: +61 2 9385 5221
 Natasha Lukman, Consultant  email:  Tel: +61 29385 9740