UNSW Ageing Futures Institute

UNSW Ageing Futures Institute


"Enabling optimal ageing for individuals and society"


While the challenges of population ageing are pervasive and complex, productive ageing brings with it enormous social and economic benefits.

The UNSW Ageing Futures Institute aims to be a global leader in ageing research and research translation, making a visible and positive impact on the social, health, wellbeing, design, and economic dimensions of ageing through interdisciplinary research.


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Bring together academics from across disciplines to work with community, government, and industry, and to find, test, and translate practical solutions to complex challenges
Conduct research that will have a measurable impact on the quality of life of older Australians, by reducing inequity, improving their health, productivity, and harmoniously integrating with all sectors of society
Benefit our global community through research evidence, technological development, best practice, and international collaborations
Inclusive Healthy Ageing

We will adopt a contextualised life-course perspective to ageing, reducing inequities. We will address ‘how’ to enable healthy ageing by involving medicine, care, preventative health, technology, the built environment, transport, the arts, public policy, and good design of financial products and health services.

Cognition, Brain, and Mental Health

Neurodegeneration is a major barrier to ageing well, and cognitive health a major facilitator. UNSW has world leading researchers in cognition, health, psychology, neuroscience, and subjective ageing.

Economy and Policy

How should social institutions, markets and policy be modified to address challenges of population ageing, including inequity across the life-course, and economic sustainability? We will focus on how the structure of social institutions, government, policy, and regulation inhibit or facilitate societies that optimise ageing.

People, Technology, Environment, and Creativity

We will investigate the interaction and integration of technology, smart design, and the built environment with individuals and society to address the challenges of ageing. We will focus on innovations to promote health and wellness, self-care, social engagement, and mobility.

Self and Society

Social and individual perceptions, attitudes, cultural norms, and values about ageing and older people can adversely influence policy, opportunity, medical treatment, and daily experiences of older persons. We will investigate how we can change social attitudes and remove stigma associated with ageing and dementia.


The Institute will capitalise on existing collaborations, including SPHERE, MindGardens Neuroscience Network, PlusAlliance, Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, Creative Robotics Lab, National Facility for Human-Robot Interaction, Neuroscience Research Australia, and The George Institute for Global Health.

UNSW’s collaborating faculties:

Science          Medicine               Art & Design

Business        Engineering         Built Environment

Law                 Arts & Social Science

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