Visiting Researchers

Candidates enrolled with either Australian or international universities can visit UNSW to conduct short-term research as part of their research program. Short-term research visits promote research collaboration with other institutions and allow students to gain research experience at UNSW.

Whilst conducting research at UNSW, visiting candidates have access to an appropriate supervisor, services, library, campus amenities and liability insurance whilst on UNSW premises.


Visiting Researchers from Australian Universities

If you are enrolled in a higher degree research at an Australian University, you may visit UNSW as a visiting researcher to conduct short-term research as part of your degree.

Entry Requirements

Current enrolment in a postgraduate research program at an Australian University.


Visiting postgraduate researchers are not liable for UNSW student fees.

How to Apply

Step 1. Complete a visiting researcher application form.

Step 2. Provide information about your current enrolment and supervision at your home institution

Step 3. Provide details of the UNSW staff member who will be hosting your visit to UNSW.

Step 4. Once this is complete the form must be endorsed by the appropriate Head of School. The completed and endorsed form should then be sent with the completed and endorsed OSA02 Online Services Access form to the IT Service Centre in order to provision IT services. In order to be granted up to 6 months access you must select 'contractor' in Section 1 - Application Category on this form. Once this is done arrangements can be made with FM Assist to get an ID card.

Getting endorsed by a UNSW staff member

• Short-term stays may be approved for periods of up to six months or less, unless there are specific circumstances to justify a longer appointment.

• Applicants must be judged to be competent in their masters or doctoral study and be undertaking study in fields relevant to the research interests of UNSW.

• An application must be submitted on the Visiting Researcher application form.

• The ownership of any Intellectual Property arising from the work must be addressed.

• A UNSW proposer for the visit must be identified

• Appropriate workplace health and safety arrangements must be in place, including an induction for the visiting researcher. Liability and personal accident insurance must be in place at the home institution



Visiting Researchers from International Universities

The UNSW Study Abroad Research Practicum Program is designed for candidates enrolled in a research degree outside of Australia who would like to undertake a short research visit at UNSW Sydney. Candidates who participate in the program have access to an appropriate supervisor, services, libraries, campus amenities and liability insurance for UNSW premises for a duration between 3 – 24 months (subject to Faculty availability and approval).

For more information, including the application process and tuition fees, please visit UNSW Research Practicum