What is a research data management plan and why do I need one?

 What is a Research Data Management Plan?


What is an RDMP



Why do I need a Research Data Management Plan?


In answer to the question ‘Why do I need a data management plan?’ Australian National Data Service (ANDS) says:

The carrot:

Data management in some form is an unavoidable consequence of working with data. Typically data management is done at the last minute and using the first method that comes to mind. This approach is usually time-consuming and error-prone.

Taking time at the start of a research project to put in place robust, easy-to-use data management procedures will usually pay off several times over in the later stages of the project. To sum up: improvements to efficiency, protection, quality & exposure.

The stick:

Basic data management is required by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Compliance with the Code is already a requirement for ARC and NHMRC funding and is likely to be mandated by other funding bodies, government and institutions in the near future. 

Inadequate data management can also lead to catastrophes like the loss of data or the violation of people's privacy.

Note: at UNSW, storage in the UNSW Data Archive is made available after completion of a data management plan.
See an example of a UNSW Research Data Management Plan here

How do I do it?

  • All UNSW researchers (staff and HDR candidates) can complete a UNSW Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). For instructions and links see the UNSW RDMP page.

Note: completion of a UNSW RDMP is necessary in order to access the UNSW Data Archive.




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