Where can I share and find research data?


Researchers have a range of options for sharing their data including:


Research Data Australia (RDA)


Research Data Australia (RDA) is an online registry which holds descriptions of research data collections produced by, or relevant to, Australian researchers. One of their aims is to raise visibility and discovery of research data collections in web search engines. Registering your datasets in RDA is one way of making them discoverable - and hence accessible and potentially available for re-use and sharing. You retain full control over who has access to your data and under what conditions.

UNSW researchers who have records in the UNSW Library's ResData Dataset catalogue will automatically have their records registered in the RDA. 

  • While RDA also aims to encourage access and re-use, providing and controlling access to the data is left up to the researcher. 
  • The record may include a link to the data if it is publicly available on another website or it may include the contact information for a person associated with the data who may be able to provide additional information and, in some cases, grant access.


Other data sharing resources


Figshare allows researchers to publish all of their data in a citable, searchable and sharable manner. All data is persistently stored online under the most liberal Creative Commons licence, waiving copyright where possible. This allows scientists to access and share the information from anywhere in the world with minimal friction.