Domestic Research Scholarships




Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

$28,597 per annum (2021 rate)

Funded by the Australian Government

3.5 years for a PhD

2 years for a research Masters

University Postgraduate Award (UPA)

$28,597 per annum (2021 rate)

Funded by UNSW

3.5 years for a PhD

2 years for a research Masters

Faculty Top Up Scholarships - attached to RTP Scholarship or UPA


Many Faculties and Schools offer Top Ups to the RTP Scholarship or UPA.

For more information, visit the Faculty website.  


How to Apply

To be considered for a scholarship at UNSW, you must meet all the requirements for admission to your preferred degree, as outlined in the Admission to higher Degree Research Programs Procedure.

To apply for a scholarship, simply indicate that you would also like to be considered for a UNSW scholarship on your application for admission to a program, and select your preferred scholarship application round.

Domestic candidates will automatically be considered for the RTP Fee Offset. If you are not applying for a stipend scholarship, during the online application you must indicate that you are not applying for a scholarship. 

For more information about the application process, visit Submit an Application. Your scholarship application will then be considered by the University with all other applications submitted during the same round.

Scholarship application outcomes are released progressively from the ‘Offers Released’ date. To find the ‘Offers Released’ date for your application round, visit Key Dates.

For more information about Higher Degree Research Scholarships, please refer to the UNSW Higher Degree Research Scholarships (including RTP Scholarships) Policy and the UNSW Higher Degree Research Scholarships (including RTP Scholarships) Procedure.