UNSW Centres and Institutes

UNSW Centres and Institutes

UNSW establishes centres and institutes to achieve global impact through research, teaching, and social engagement that complement and exceed that which can be achieved through individual UNSW schools and faculties.

Governance of UNSW Centres and Institutes

Centres and institutes at UNSW are governed by the UNSW Centres and Institutes Procedure, which was published in July 2019, following extensive consultation.

Internal centres and institutes may involve one or more faculties. They do not have a separate legal status from that of UNSW: they can only contract as UNSW. They remain under the control of UNSW, even if they have relationships with external entities. They are governed by and accountable to parties or areas within UNSW. 

The UNSW Centres and Institutes Procedure ensures that all internal centres and institutes are established and managed according to sound principles concerning governance and accountability. 

External centres and institutes typically involve a number of organisations that, together with UNSW, have agreed to form a collaborative endeavour to pursue a joint mission. They are established on the basis of external funding, e.g., ARC Centres of Excellence, and have external establishment requirements, including governance, reporting, and reviewing requirements, with regard to bodies that are external to UNSW.


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UNSW centres gather a critical mass of UNSW academics to work primarily on a focused area (a focused research area for research centres) while providing high external visibility for their activities. They can be single-discipline or interdisciplinary, involving researchers from one or more faculties.

UNSW institutes are major joint ventures across several UNSW schools/faculties that facilitate long-term, cross-disciplinary research that addresses significant research and social challenges. They position UNSW as an international leader in a broader field.

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