Externally Funded Scholarships

A wide range of externally funded scholarships are available to UNSW research candidates, including full scholarships, top up scholarships, and small grants for research costs and travel.

Application periods are at the discretion of the fund providers, hence different opportunities may be available at various times throughout the year.

For specific details on eligibility criteria, funding availability and application processes, please refer to the scholarship website provided below.


Scholarships to Support Living Expenses





Closing Date

CSIRO Top UP Scholarship

CSIRO priority research areas

PhD Top-Up Scholarships are available to PhD students who have gained (or are expected to gain) first or upper second class honours or equivalent in relevant research areas. Students must also expect to receive a Research Training Program scholarship (RTP) or equivalent scholarship commencing in the year of the CSIRO scholarship.

Applications are being sought in nominated priority research areas for the 2022 program and will support a number of new PhD Top-Up Scholarships.

$10,000 per annum

Applications close 1 November 2021. 

For details on the opportunities available, please visit CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships

The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) Postgraduate Scholarships

Engineering, Law, Business, Criminology (FASS)

The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) aims to inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals by supporting innovative, industry-driven research into pressing cyber security problems. In addition to receiving scholarships, successful students from our participating universities may also work with some of the best cyber security researchers in Australia.

The CSCRC offers Postgraduate Scholarships of up to $50,000 a year for outstanding PhD and Masters (by Research) students in the following areas of research and development:

Resilient Systems
IoT Systems
Next Generation Authentication Technologies
Emerging Threats
Platform and Architecture for Cyber Security as a Service
Security Automation and Orchestration
Privacy Preserving Data Sharing in a Hyperconnected World
Real-Time Monitoring of Cyber Security Threats
Cyber Law and Policy

Please send expressions of interest to CSCRC

Up to $50,000 per annum 


Please email CSCRC for further details

Please email CSCRC for details

Data 61 PhD Scholarship

Engineering, Science

As part of Australia’s leading digital research powerhouse, we inspire Data61 PhD students to contribute to a data rich community that informs, impacts and continually evolves.

For more information, visit Data 61

Varies (please visit the website)

Application rounds are held two to four times each year, and candidates wishing to apply for a Data61 Scholarship should have already made contact with a Data61 supervisor to discuss a research project, and have written agreement from the Data61 researcher to supervise their PhD project.

For more information, visit Data 61 Scholarship Program

Domestic PhD Scholarship - Development of acoustically dampening material for the envelopment of underwater acoustic transducers within reflective laboratory test environments 


This PhD project, in collaboration with and supported by Department of Defence, DST Group, will develop advanced anechoic materials to envelop underwater acoustic transducers so that the interference caused by reflections within water tanks can be eliminated and the signal-to-noise ratio of the transducers can be significantly improved to allow underwater communication units. Specifically, the new materials developed in this project will allow acoustic modems to be tested within a laboratory environment. The anechoic material can be used to envelop an acoustic modem and a closely located hydrophone, permitting communication between the transducers, while significantly attenuating any background noise contamination.

Potential applicants: Local students, who meet the following requirements and are interested to gain expertise in the field, are invited to apply.

  • a four year Bachelor’s degree with Honours class I or upper second class Honours from an Australian institution or equivalent research qualification experience, or

  • a completed Masters by Research with a substantial research component and demonstrated capacity for timely completion of a high quality research thesis

Domestic research scholarship (to be applied) at $28,854 per annum (2022 rate) plus a top-up scholarship ($10k) from DST Group 

To apply or ask questions, please email Professor Zhongxiao Peng at z.peng@unsw.edu.au

Forrest PhD Scholarships

All disciplines

Forrest PhD Scholarships are offered to students who have exceptional academic profiles and who have the desire, drive and imagination to undertake doctoral research of the highest standard. Academic excellence is a neccessary but not a sufficient, condition for winning a Forrest PhD Scholarship. You also need to demonstrate deep curiosity about your chosen field of study, a strong desire to communicate to others your enthusiasm for knowledge and discovery, a commitment to use this knowledge to have a positive impact on the world around us, and the drive and determination to succeed even when faced with obstacles and setbacks.

Up to 10 Forrest Scholars will be selected from international and Australian applicants who demonstrate an outstanding academic ability to undertake research work with the potential to change the world we live in.

For further details of the scholarships, go to: https://www.forrestresearch.org.au/scholarship

$50,000 per annum

Applications for Forrest PhD Scholarships are open until 31 October 2021.

For further details on how to apply, go to: https://www.forrestresearch.org.au/scholarship

FutureNow Plus Scholarships

Engineering, Science, Space, Defence

ANSTO is offering two scholarships for Australian Citizens undertaking a PhD to work on the development of:

1. Laser metal deposition (LMD) for applications in the construction and engineering industries

2. Ultra-high temperature ceramics for energy, space and defence applications

$35,000 per annum for 3.5 years

Applications close 31 October 2021.

For information on how to apply, visit https://www.ansto.gov.au/form/futurenow-plus-2021

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Grains Industry Research Scholarship

Agronomy, soils, climate studies, diseases, pests

The Grains Industry Research Scholarships are available to undertake post graduate research in areas of priority for the GRDC and the Australian grains industry. To be eligible for a GRS, applicants must secure a base University scholarship such as the Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship or equivalent. Successful applicants will receive a top up scholarship of up to 75% of their base scholarship in addition to an annual operating budget up to $10,000 (excluding GST).

For more information, visit Grains Industry Research Scholarships.

Top Up Scholarship of up to 75% of base scholarship, and annual operating budget of $10,000

Please refer to Grains Industry Research Scholarships for application dates

Jupiter Program: The Andy Thomas Space Foundation and EOS Space Systems Research Awards

Applications open to PhD students and early career researchers

Open to Australian researchers and doctoral candidates for the most innovative research project proposals in specified space technology fields.

Three prizes valued at $10,000 each (sponsored by EOS Space Systems).

Applications Close: 6 May 2022

For details on the opportunities available, please visit Jupiter Program

Joint UNSW / NSW Rural Health Research Alliance

PhD Scholarship in Health Services Research


Health, Science, Medicine

UNSW and the NSW Rural Health Research Alliance are offering a PhD scholarship to a motivated candidate who wishes to undertake higher degree research (HDR) on a project examining interventions/strategies to reduce preventable visits to hospital in rural communities and improve the quality of outpatient and community care.

Scope of project focus might include, but not limited to:

  • Understanding how Emergency Department (ED) data reflects population health and service gaps

  • Upstream drivers of ED Demand and models of care to address same


To be eligible for the HDR scholarship, PhD applicants must:

  • Meet UNSW’s minimum admission criteria for a PhD and be accepted for admission to UNSW.

  • Be Domestic or an Australian resident

  • Be from a rural area or prepared to move to rural NSW and be based out of UNSW’s rural clinical school for a significant proportion of their candidature

  • PhD Candidate’s progress will be reviewed annually and must maintain satisfactory progress while holding the Scholarship.

Consideration will be given to part-time applicants, although full-time applicants are preferred.

Evidence of previous research study (e.g. honours or masters degrees) is desirable for entry into a HDR scholarship, although not essential as equivalent experience gained via research in health services or related fields, such as public or population health, health economics, epidemiology or biostatistics, will be considered.


Dr Linda Ferrington:  l.ferrington@unsw.edu.au
Dr Alex Stephens:    Alexandre.Stephens@health.nsw.gov.au

The scholarship amount awarded to full-time HDR students is $28,092 per annum, tax exempt and indexed annually. PhD scholarship duration is three and a half years fulltime equivalent.

Start Date: on the date the last party signs this agreement.

End Date: 20 June 2029

To apply for the PhD scholarship, please submit a current curriculum vitae, including two referees, and a cover letter detailing your research experience and why you’re a good fit for the scholarship to:

Cara Elvidge (c.elvidge@unsw.edu.au)

The Justin Costelloe Scholarship

Hydrology, Ecology, Sociology

In 2018 the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum agreed to establish the Lake Eyre Basin Justin Costelloe Scholarship Grant Program in honour of Dr Justin Costelloe’s significant contribution to the Lake Eyre Basin community. Dr Costelloe was a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne and held a member position on the Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Panel for a number of years providing hydrological and ecological advice to matters relating to the condition of the Lake Eyre Basin Rivers.


The Lake Eyre Basin Justin Costelloe Scholarship is aimed at encouraging and promoting research and monitoring to improve understanding and support informed decision making in relation to the Lake Eyre Basin Agreement Area. The Scholarship focuses on the development of future scientists and helps to foster links between academia, the wider community and governments in relation to the Lake Eyre Basin.


To be eligible applicants must be:

  • A student enrolled in an Australian public or private tertiary institution, such as a university and either be a:

  1. Postgraduate student or

  2. Honours student

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia (proof is to be provided) by the closing date of each year of funding.

  • Over 18 years of age

The Scholarship is available to support new or continuing students to undertake research that:

  • contributes to water-related knowledge of the Lake Eyre Basin, and

  • focuses on hydrology, ecology or sociology related to water or related natural resources

Research can include activities outside the Lake Eyre Basin, although the primary focus must lie within the Basin

How to apply

Applicants are to contact Dr Stephen Morton, Chair of the Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Panel via mortondunnart@gmail.com for more information.

$20,000 per annum 

Applications close 2pm (AEDT) 28 October 2021

NHMRC PG Scholarship Scheme


The NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship scheme provides funding for successful applicants to attain a research based postgraduate degree (Doctor of Philosophy or Research Masters degree). The objective of the Postgraduate Scholarship scheme is to support outstanding graduates early in their careers so they can be trained to conduct health and medical research that is internationally competitive. The intended outcome of the Postgraduate Scholarship scheme is increased research capacity within Australia.

Full details are available online: https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/funding/find-funding/postgraduate-scholarships

Please also refer to the NHMRC PG Scholarship Scheme Guidelines.

Varied - please refer to the NHMRC website


This scheme provides living stipends for a maximum period of three years full time equivalent study for a PhD degree, and two years for a Research Masters Degree.



Contact the UNSW Research Grants and Contracts Office expressing your interest by Wednesday 11 May 2022. 

Final closing date is Wednesday 8 June 5pm.

Pluto Program: The Andy Thomas Space Foundation and cosine Remote Sensing Project Award

Applications open to PhD students and early career researchers

Available for Australian doctoral candidates and early career researchers focusing on projects that relate to the development and validation of novel detection methods through hyperspectral observations and algorithms to support such applications. The prize will also include a short-term visit to Europe.

One prize valued at $15,000.

Applications Close: 6 May 2022


For details on the opportunities available, please visit Pluto Program

RACE for 2030 Industry PhD Scholarship: Buildings Contributing to a Zero Carbon Grid

Energy Engineering, with opportunities in applied statistics, machine learning, computer science, building physics, social science and economics.

This PhD project will explore opportunities for dynamic optimisation of energy use in large buildings, responding to weather, building operational data, electricity prices and emissions intensity data to minimise carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and support the electricity distribution network. The project team will have access to a unique dataset of energy, weather and IoT data from hundreds of commercial and institutional buildings across Australia and internationally through the industry partner, Buildings Alive

The PhD project will be completed in the School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy (SPREE), through the Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM), funded by a 3-year scholarship by the RACE for 2030 Collaborative Research Centre.

Download a project description, eligibility and selection criteria and full application details here.

Closing Date:  17th January 2022
Please email formal application to Dr Mike Roberts m.roberts@unsw.edu.au

$38,000 per annum (tax exempt) for 3 years. Plus up to $3,000 per annum for expenses (computer, publishing fees, travel, conference costs, etc.)


Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA)

Quantam Computing

The SQA PhD Scholarships seek to recognise and encourage excellence amongst postgraduate candidates intending to undertake their research training in related fields of quantum science and technology. The Scholarships provide successful candidates a unique opportunity to work with researchers with industry linkages across Sydney’s foremost universities leading the way in the quantum field.

SQA PhD Scholarships are awarded to outstanding postgraduate students who will contribute to and enhance research and innovation in the field of quantum science and technology.

For further information, visit SQA PhD Scholarships.

$35,000 per annum for four years 

Plus $2,000 for career development


Open 17 August - 26 Sept 2022

Visit SQA PhD Scholarships for more information.

Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships 

All disciplines

The Westpac Scholars Trust has partnered with nine leading Australian universities to deliver the Future Leaders Scholarship. valued at up to $120,000 over 2-3 years and will be awarded annually for research or coursework studies at graduate level 
Scholars will be exceptional people, chosen for their potential to make a difference to Australia's future in one of our four focus areas:

•    Technology and innovation
•    Strengthening Australia-Asia ties
•    Reducing Australia's environmental impact
•    Creating a more inclusive country.

If you are commencing a PhD or Masters by Coursework or Masters by Research in 2023, please apply here. 

For more information on how to apply please visit the Westpac Scholars Trust Website.

$120,000 over 2-3 years

Thursday, 1 September 2022 at 5pm (AEST)


Short Term Scholarships and Grants





Closing Date

Royal Society of NSW Scholarships


Three scholarships of $500 plus a complimentary year of Associate Membership of the Society are awarded each year in order to acknowledge outstanding achievements by young researchers in any field of science. Applicants must be enrolled as research students in a university in either NSW or the ACT (on 1 January of the year of nomination).

For more information, please visit the Royal Society of NSW.

$500 plus a complimentary year of Associate Membership of the Royal Society of NSW