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What we do

The UNSW Ageing Futures Institute is a global leader in ageing research and research translation, making a visible and positive impact on ageing both nationally and internationally. The Institute continues to drive excellence in health, social and policy outcomes in response to the major challenges and opportunities in ageing.

Our research is interdisciplinary in nature, meaning it brings together investigators from different disciplines working toward a common goal. The Institute draws together experts from across all UNSW Faculties including Art & Design, Arts & Social Sciences, Built Environment, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Science. By capatilising on partnerships with a growing number of government, industry, community and academic collaborators, we ensure our research is translatable across the full spectrum of issues relating to ageing.

The Institute also takes a life-course approach to ageing, that is we consider the events, choices, situations and influences of individuals from birth, and how these factors accumulate and impact ageing. We want people to not only live longer, but to age optimally throughout all stages of life.

Collaborating Research Centres

The UNSW Ageing Futures Institute provides an umbrella organisation for ageing research at UNSW, encompassing several leading institutes, centres, facilities and programs including: