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New insights on risk factors for dementia in Aboriginal Australians
Researchers from UNSW Ageing Futures Institute and Neuroscience Research Australia have published the first study revealing the risk factors for mild cognitive impairment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons
Advance care planning for older migrant Australians
New research from UNSW Ageing Futures Institute researchers and Advance Care Planning Australia highlights the different cultural preferences for individual decisions or family involvement in advance care planning decisions.
Only 25% of older Australians have an advance care plan. Coronavirus makes it even more important
Institute researcher Dr Craig Sinclair discusses the importance of advance care planning for older persons in the context of COVID-19.
Social networks strongly influence wellbeing in older Australians
Using a national longitudinal dataset, Institute researchers have shown that social connectedness strongly influences wellbeing for both Australian-born and migrant older populations
Join the debate - Should Nursing Homes be Abolished?
UNSW Ageing Futures Institute is pleased to be supporting this important international debate on the pros and cons of aged care facilities organised by Capacity Australia
Protecting the human rights of older mental health patients during a pandemic
Institute members Professors Carmelle Peisah and Andrew Byrnes have published recommendations for mental health practitioners to promote autonomy, connectedness, and dignity for older people during a health crisis
Developing sensitive measures for older driver-safety
Professor Kaarin Anstey awarded a Road Safety Innovation fund grant to identify measures to detect real-time driver-safety decline for people with early-stage dementia
Global collaboration to explore pollution and dementia risk
Institute investigators led by Professor Ester Cerin have been awarded a collaborative grant from the joint UK-NHMRC Built Environment and Prevention Research Scheme to explore the impact of the environment and pollution on cognitive health
Sensory loss adds to distress for family of people with dementia
New research published by UNSW Ageing Futures Institute researchers highlights the need for better assessment and treatment of sensory disabilities in people living with dementia, particularly those with neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia