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How our Institute investigators are responding to COVID-19
Several UNSW Ageing Futures Institute investigators are contributing their expertise to the pandemic response.
Can the perception of neighbourhood environments influence active and healthy ageing?

A recent study has highlighted an important link between how older people perceive their neighbourhood and their levels of physical activity.

New Study Sheds Light on Health and Wellbeing of Carers

A new study into the health service use of carers have has offered valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by this group.

Australia's Progress in Advance Care Planning: Challenges and Innovations

Institute member Dr Craig Sinclair has led work to address the key challenges in Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Australia.

ACP is a process that enables a person to plan for their future medical treatment and other care, for a time when they are not competent to make, or communicate, decisions for themselves. Whilst inherently an important consideration for older people, ACP is an important process for individuals and families across the life course.

New research highlights barriers to dementia risk reduction, testing and screening

A recent study has identified a range of barriers which impede community engagement in dementia risk-reduction behaviours across the lifespan.

Designing Game-Based Cognitive Assessments for Older Prisoners in Australia

As Australia's prison population continues to age, there is a pressing need to address under-detected cognitive decline faced by this often-overlooked group.